#SupportBaysieBusiness campaign kicks off

The City’s #suppportbaysiebusiness campaign kicked off on Saturday 6 March.

#SupportBaysieBusiness campaign kicks off
Mar 08 2021

The City’s #suppportbaysiebusiness campaign kicked off on Saturday 6 March by shining a spotlight on some of the exciting, unique and downright delicious products and services on offer in the Bayswater Town Centre.

On 23 February Council voted to allocate $10,000 towards the development of a short term campaign to support businesses negatively impacted by construction works associated with the upgrade of the Bayswater Train Station by Evolve Bayswater Alliance on behalf of the State Government.

Mayor Dan Bull said Council acknowledged the impact the upgrade of the Bayswater Train Station is having on local businesses.

“Council is aware of the challenges facing businesses as a result of the construction activity.

“I am confident this campaign will offer a boost to businesses in the short term while a broader strategy is being prepared, and funding sourced, from the State Government.

“Back in April 2020, the City launched Buy in Baysie, a campaign to encourage customers to keep spending their money locally during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign was successful in gaining positive media coverage and wide reach on social media.

“The new Support Baysie Business campaign is based around the concept of ‘Buy in Baysie’ and will use the City’s existing social media channels to promote businesses and encourage people to shop and visit Bayswater Town Centre.

“The #supportbaysiebusiness campaign will feature primarily on the City’s Instagram page but will also integrate with the City’s other existing communication channels.

“While the City will coordinate the campaign, we are asking businesses to get on board by sharing our content with their customers and networks via Instagram and Facebook.

“The Bayswater community are incredibly motivated and passionate, and I would encourage them to show their support for local businesses by continuing to shop locally.

“The #supportbaysiebusiness online campaign will be promoted in the town centre with signage, bollard wraps and floor stickers, encouraging visitors to participate. Residents in the local area will also receive a post card urging them to support their local businesses by buying local.

For the past few weeks the City’s Place Manager and Communications Marketing team have been out and about talking to business, and more recently, gathering video content and photographs for use in the campaign. The response from businesses has been positive.

“We want businesses to know that the City is working hard to support them.

“The City met with representatives of the Bayswater Traders Association who are supportive of the campaign. The City also met with representatives from the Public Transport Authority (PTA) and Evolve Bayswater Alliance to ensure the campaign complemented the number of marketing initiatives they have in the pipeline.

The City will continue to advocate for funding from the State Government to support businesses impacted by the upgrade of the Bayswater Train Station.

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