Bright lights at Morley Sport and Recreation Centre

The City has switched on LED lighting at the Centre as part of its ERRE Plan.

Jun 03 2022

The City has switched on new LED lighting at Morley Sport and Recreation Centre in line with its Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy (ERRE) Plan.

A host of community clubs, schools and sporting groups around the City are set to benefit, spanning basketball, netball, indoor soccer, volleyball and badminton teams.

About 400 lights have been replaced inside and outside the building, including security lights, stage lights and the large basketball court lights.

LEDs are a more energy efficient option, as they create less emissions, have a longer lifespan and are generally made with 100% recyclable products.

All lights are being recycled using Eco-Cycle, a company which separates all elements and turns them into by-products.

Aluminium tube ends are separated and recycled into cast products used in foundry, glass from the type and lamp is separated and recycled into glass wool to insulate homes, mercury is distilled from the separate powders and re-used in the manufacture of dental amalgam, and phosphor powder from the fluorescent tubes is used in the manufacture of fertiliser products.

This responsible recycling method means the City is preventing hazardous waste going to landfill and working towards a more circular economy.

The City is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2030. Read the ERRE Plan.

Pictured: Stadium Manager Gareth Johnston with Mayor Filomena Piffaretti.

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