Innovative partnership to develop urban forest at Riverside Gardens

The City is one step closer to developing an urban forest with Council’s decision to partner with Greening Australia.

Innovative partnership to develop urban forest at Riverside Gardens
Feb 14 2023

The City of Bayswater is one step closer to realising its goal of creating an urban forest at the ever-popular Riverside Gardens, following Council’s decision to partner with environmental experts Greening Australia.

Mayor Filomena Piffaretti said working with Greening Australia to deliver the first Nature in Cities program in Perth was extremely exciting for the City and community.

“So far, the City has been successful in securing $1.2 million from the State and Federal Governments towards the creation of an urban forest at Riverside Gardens,” she said.

“Our partnership with Greening Australia will now help us plan, design and deliver this exciting project.

“We are looking forward to transforming this valuable site on the banks of the Swan River into a healthy natural area.

“This partnership is a wonderful example of how we are committed to partnering with organisations to deliver positive outcomes for our community.”

The urban forest project will support biodiversity, reduce the urban heat island effect and increase tree canopy in the region. It will also improve water quality for the Bayswater Brook catchment and establish endemic plants.

The site is proposed to include pathways, grassed activity and entertainment nodes as well as observation and reflection points.

There is also the potential to increase the planting area by a further two hectares by creating a biodiversity corridor between Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary and Gobba Lake.

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