Businesses dine out on streamlined alfresco process

Small business owners in Baysie can now plate up alfresco areas with greater ease.

Businesses dine out on streamlined alfresco process
Jan 18 2023

Businesses looking to offer up outdoor dining will no longer have to wait for a formal permit, with the City enabling conditional approval of alfresco trading applications.

Granting conditional approval will allow small business owners to work on getting their café or bar open for business, with the confidence approval will be granted once they complete the licence requirements.

Previously, the City’s alfresco dining permit application process required owners to take out insurance prior to approval being granted, potentially delaying the process or deterring owners from seeking the permit altogether.

In a bid to reduce red tape and simplify the process, new or existing business owners can now submit their alfresco dining permit application as usual and the City will provide conditional approval outlining the requirements to receive unconditional approval.

The new process provides owners with greater confidence in setting up their business’ outdoor space without significant cost or time delays.

Django’s owner Fiona Harvey approached Councillor Josh Eveson about the original process as she looked to establish the new wine and cocktail bar in Bedford.

Chef and owner Kevin Dobson of 3.8 Baysie is another of the first Baysie business owners to go through the new process.

The permit application change is just one example of how the City seeks to support the business community.

For more information about the Alfresco Dining Permit Application, visit

Pictured: Councillor Josh Eveson with Django’s owner Fiona Harvey in Bedford.

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