Traffic Management

Upcoming works

The management, maintenance and development of the State's road network is shared between Main Roads Western Australia and the City of Bayswater. All roads are categorised in accordance with its function.

Road resurfacing program

The following program has been adopted by Council for resurfacing in FY2019/20.

Please note that all residents affected will be notified in writing prior to works commencing.


  • Drake Street from Walter Road to Drake Street
  • Boag Street from Drake Street to Russell Street
  • Fort Street from Drake Street to Coode Street
  • Robinson Street from Bath Road to Cul-De-Sac
  • Haslemere Way from Robinson Road to Bath Road
  • Weld Court from Chertley Street to Robinson Road
  • Donna Street from Chertley Street to Fitzgerald Street
  • Chertley Street from Weld Street to Donna Street
  • Weld Court from Chertley Street to Fitzgerald Street
  • Eaton Street from Ballarat Street to Timms Place
  • Renshaw Place from Eaton Street to Cul-De-Sac
  • Ballarat Street from Halvorson Road to Morley Drive
  • Brisbane Street from Melbourne Way to Ballarat Street
  • Gayswood Way to Hampton Square West
  • Charlwood Way from Wolseley Road to Lincoln Road


  • Whatley Crescent from Kenilworth Street to Charles Street
  • Cycleway from Swan Bank Road to Clarkson Road
  • Kennedy Street from Walter Road to Rudloc Street


  • The Strand from Catherine Street to Beaufort Street
  • York Street from Grand Promenade to Salisbury Street


  • Broadway from Priestley Street to carpark


  • Shaftesbury Street from York Street to Railway Parade
  • Whittaker Street from Shaftesbury Street to Toowong Street
  • Hotham Street from York Street to Railway Parade
  • Bowden Street from Grand Promenade to Rosebery Street


  • McGilvray Avenue from Benara Road roundabout intersection
  • Farrel Place from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Gittos Court from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Growse Place from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Coulsen Close from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Holden Court from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Beaver Place from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
  • Ing Place from Luderman Place to Cul-De-Sac
Minor Road Construction Works
  • Towns Development Program
  • Right of Way Construction (ROW No61) bounded by May Street, Arundel Street, Lawrence Street and Essex Street
New Concrete Path Program

The City's Footpath Program is currently being reviewed and developed in preparation for Council's determination.

Once the Council has adopted the program, it will be listed on the City's website and residents affected will be consulted.


Traffic Management Program

In accordance with the City's Local Area Traffic Management Study, a program is currently being developed for this financial year.

State Underground Power Program

The State Underground Power Program is currently being developed by Western Power.

Western Power anticipates the design stage to be completed in September 2019.

Once the design stage has been completed, a request for quotation (RFQ) for the construction cost will be undertaken.

When Western Power has finalised the costs, the City will advise the residents affected.

For more information on any of the listed works please contact us on 9272 0622 or at

More information

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming is a method imposed to increase benefits for shared road users and improving the balance between different uses of public roads.

The method of traffic calming is a combination of mainly physical measures designed to encourage motorists to observe responsible driver behavior and improve safety along local streets for all road users.  These devices which include median islands, roundabouts, slow points, and speed humps can benefit road users by reducing speeds, managing traffic flow and controlling traffic volumes along the roads. 

Prior to implementing traffic calming measures, the City assesses traffic data which provides traffic volumes, travel speeds and crash statistics.  When it is determined that traffic calming is warranted, funds are allocated in the City’s annual budget in order of priority. 

As part of the City’s public consultation process, adjacent residents are consulted prior to finalising design and carrying out any works.

Who owns and looks after the roads?

The management, maintenance and development of the State's road network is shared between Main Roads Western Australia and the City of Bayswater. All roads are categoristed in accordance with its function and dedicated road hierarchy.

The City manages all the local access and distributor roads within the City's locality boundary with the exception of the following roads which are managed by Main Roads WA.

  • Tonkin Highway
  • Reid Highway
  • Guildford Road
  • Morley Drive.
What can I do if I see cars speeding?

The City does not support any form of excessive speeding or antisocial (hoon) driving behaviour.  Should you witness any hooning driving behaviour the City encourages this be reported to the police immediately. Below is the link to submit a report.

Report Hoon Driving

What is a temporary traffic management plan and is it a requirement as part of the work I am undertaking?

Under the Road Traffic code, a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required for any works conducted within the road reserve. It is for the protection of pedestrians, vehicles and public safety.

A TMP can only be written and implemented by a traffic management accredited company as they have the relevant training and knowledge to undertake all appropriate procedures and processes.  

A TMP cannot be executed without the authority of the City of Bayswater and must be submitted by the TMP company 10 working days prior to the proposed scheduled date.

In the event that the works are required after hours, then the City will also require a Noise Management Plan in addition to the TMP.

Examples of a temporary traffic managment:

  • Works on the verge
  • Works on the City's paths
  • Construction of a crossover
  • Delivery trucks parking on the road reserve
Who do I report streetlight requests, faults and outages to?

Western Power maintains the majority of street lighting within the City of Bayswater.

To report a western Power street light fault click on the link Report a street light fault alternatively call 1800 622 008.

To report a streetlight, bollard light or solar light owned and maintained by the City of Bayswater, please phone 9272 0622 or email

Reporting damaged or faulty signage

Please report any damaged street name signs or way finding signage to the City of Bayswater, please phone 9272 0622 or email

click on the link to report any Main Roads WA road sign faults. Report a road sign fault


Who owns and maintains Bus Stops and Bus Shelters in the City?

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) owns, maintains and determines the placement of bus stops throughout the City. Upgrades to bus stops are planned and managed by the PTA.

The City will make an application to the PTA to propose a bus stop upgrade should it meet the minimum requirements of the PTA's Bus Shelter Subsidy Program (BSSP).

PTA will investigate the existing stop location to ensure it meets all of its safety, operational and community requirements and that it can be physically upgraded to comply with the Disability Standards. 

There will be circumstances where a bus shelter is not replaced after an upgrade because it does not comply with PTA disability requirements.

In addition to the above, there are 20 Third Party owned Bus Shelters that the City does not maintain.

If you would like a bus stop to be considered for upgrade, please send your request in writing for the City's consideration.


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