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Use your smart phone, tablet or computer to access a range of fit for purpose Mapping Apps that include State agency spatial data feeds via WA Government Open Data platforms.

Find the App your looking for ( Land, Property, Planning, Waste Collection, Dog Exercise, Playgrounds, Electoral Wards, Imagery Archive - back to 1953, etc ) by scrolling with the arrows situated to the left and right of the Maps Gallery.

You can also stay up to date with traffic events by interacting with the Real Time Traffic Events App below.

Note: The "Bayswater Maps" app is best suited to tablet or desktop environments.

Note: If the app you have selected doesn't load correctly, press ESC to bypass State Government agency data streaming.

The City's Asset & Mapping department will continually update existing maps and provide more community maps at regular intervals.

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Access City Maps in PDF format below.

Suburb Map

Ward Map

Interactive Live Traffic App - View live traffic events and traffic congestion. Click on an event to access information

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