Club Development

The City is proud to support local clubs and community groups. We offer workshops and resources to not-for-profit groups to help them grow.

Annual Club Survey

Every year in September, the City of Bayswater invites local sporting clubs and community groups to complete an online feedback survey. This survey produces valuable information on how the City can best support local clubs and highlights future training requirements.

If you would like information on the City's Annual Club Survey, contact our Sport & Community Development Officer at or 9272 0609.

Blue Ribbon Club

The Blue Ribbon Club program is an incentive-based recognition scheme for sporting clubs. The program addresses all aspects of what it means to be a 'healthy, sustainable club'.

Supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, the program helps local sporting clubs grow and develop by improving the skills, knowledge and practices of clubs and their volunteers. 

Why become a Blue Ribbon Club? 

  • The program develops and strengthens governance practices for clubs
  • Increases club profiles and development opportunities
  • Improves self-management of clubs through training
  • Provides club support and networking opportunities
  • Strengthens relationships between the City and clubs
  • Assists in club sustainability
  • Provides clubs with grants and funding opportunities
  • Recognises and rewards clubs for good governance.

By participating in the initiative, sporting clubs are able to plan for the future, access funding, increase their membership and improve their profile in the community. 


The Blue Ribbon Awards recognise outstanding work by local athletes, clubs and their volunteers. Awards include Club of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Athlete of the Year.

Past winners

2010 - Club - Bayswater Tennis Club and Aim Archery (joint award) 
Volunteer - Sean Doody, Bayswater Morley Youth Club 

2011 - Club - Bayswater Lacrosse Club 
Volunteer - John Payne, Morley Noranda Recreation Club 

2012 - Club - Emberson Little Athletics 
Volunteer - Nathan Atkinson, Bayswater Morley Softball Club 

2013 - Club - Perth Bayswater Rugby Club 
Volunteer - Phil Kendall, Morley Eagles 

2015 - Club - Noranda Senior Football Club 
Volunteer - Kay Cotter, WA Cricket Club for the Blind 

2017 - Club - Perth Bayswater Rugby Union Club Juniors 
Volunteer - Carole Bowland, Bayswater Lacrosse Club 
Athlete - Tanika Lockley, Emberson Little Athletics Club 

For more information on the Blue Ribbon Program and Awards, contact our Sport & Community Development Officer at or 9272 0609.

Club Connection E-newsletter

Published monthly, the Club Connection E-newsletter provides up-to-date information on grants, training and workshops, plus important sport and community news and information. If you're part of a sporting club or community group in Bayswater, this newsletter is for you.


Past editions

June 2019February 2019
May 2019January 2019
April 2019December 2018
March 2019November 2018


Sport Grants Directory

The City of Bayswater has developed a Sport Grants Directory for sports clubs and their athletes to find eligible funding opportunities.

Please note, the information provided within the directory is subject to change. For information on the selection criteria and application deadlines, please contact the grant provider.

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