Local Homelessness Advisory Committee

Local Homelessness Advisory Committee

The City's Local Homelessness Advisory Committee (LHAC) was established on 24 March 2020.  

The purpose of the LHAC is to: 

  • Provide appropriate and considered strategic advice and feedback relating to homelessness matters within the City of Bayswater that can be dealt with at a local government level to inform the development of the City’s draft Local Homelessness Strategy
  • Provide advice and recommendations on how the City of Bayswater Local Homelessness Strategy and cascading actions can align to the Department of Communities 10 year Strategy on Homelessness 2020-2030 entitled 'All Paths Lead to a Home’
  • Receives reports on the City’s Local Homelessness Strategy development progress.

The term of the Committee ran from 22 September 2020 until the final adoption of the Local Homelessness Strategy at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 29 June 2021.

Six community members and the following Councillors sit on the Committee: Cr Sally Palmer, Cr Stephanie Gray, Cr Giorgia Johnson and Cr Lorna Clarke.

To view the meeting minutes of the Local Homelessness Committee, visit the link below.

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