Community Events Grant

The Community Events grant supports established local groups or organisations who wish to plan and deliver vibrant, accessible and inclusive community events in the City. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of funding opportunities does the City provide throughout the financial year under its Community Grants Program?

The City has four types of funding streams under its Community Grants Program that the community can apply for throughout each financial year; Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant. Information about these funding opportunities can be found on the City's website.

When can I apply for the Community Events Grant?

Applications for City of Bayswater Community Events Grant are available twice a year, in July and December. Applications are generally open for approximately four weeks.

Why does the City provide these Community Events Grants?

The City values and strives to provide opportunities to partner with the community to deliver positive community outcomes which are consistent with, and complement, the City's strategic vision. The City encourages and supports the Community Events Grant funding to innovatively respond to social disadvantage, protection of the natural or built environment, partnerships, community development and capacity building.

Can I apply for funding more than once in a financial year?

Funds are only available to an organisation, club or group once per financial year across the City's four Community Grants Program funding categories, which are; Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant. If a group has already received funding this financial year under any one of those categories, they are ineligible to apply for any further City funding until next financial year.

If I have received previous funding from the City do I need to do anything different?

If you have previously applied for funding from the City (i.e. Better Bayswater Grant, Donation or Capital Requests Grant) you will need to use the relevant Community Events Grant application form and understand the processes and criteria that apply to this specific grant. These can be found on the City's website, from City libraries or by contacting the relevant person on the number listed below.

Is funding from the City's Community Grants Program separate to other City funding sources available?

Yes. The four types of funding streams under the City's Community Grants Program; Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant is separate to other funding the City provides i.e. in-kind support for town centre events, seed funding for town centre events, fee waivers (as approved by Council) etc.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Using new assessment and decision making criteria, funding decisions can usually be made within one month (30 working days) from the close of applications.

If we are not incorporated, will that be a problem?

This is not a problem; it just means that you will need to partner with another group or organisation which is incorporated. We may be able to help you identify an appropriate partner organisation.

I have more questions - who can I call to ask?

Contact the City's Funding Contact Officer for the Community Events Grant on (08) 9272 0622.

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