Vehicle Safety

Off road vehicles

Off road vehicles are not permitted on public land, roads or in parks/reserves anywhere in the City of Bayswater, as per the The Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978.

    What is an off road vehicle?

    An off-road vehicle includes:

    • Dune buggies
    • Quad bikes
    • Dirt bikes
    • Mini-bikes
    • Trail bikes.

    All off-road vehicles are prohibited from use on public land and council reserves.

    These vehicles cause damage to the environment and our parks, as well as causing danger and nuisance to surrounding residents.

    Where can I drive an off road vehicle?

    There are no areas for off-road vehicles to be used in the City of Bayswater. 

    There a few locations outside of the City which are designated off-road areas. There areas are:

    • Gnangara Pine Plantation (Department of Parks and Wildlife)
    • Pinjara Pines Area (Department of Parks and Wildlife)
    • Ledge Point (Shire of Gingin)
    • Lancelin (Shire of Gingin).

    To find out more about these off-road areas, please visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

    Reporting offences

    If you see an off-road vehicle being used on the road, please contact the Police on 131 444.

    If an off-road vehicle is being driven in a park or reserve, please contact our Rangers and Security after contacting WA Police as not all parks and reserves are the responsibility of the City. 

    Contact the City's Rangers and Security

    • 9272 0972 (8am - 4pm, Monday to Friday)
    • 1300 360 333 (After hours)
    Report an abandoned vehicle

    If you notice a vehicle you believe to be abandoned on public property, you can report this to the City. Our Ranger and Security team will need the following information:

    • Make / model, registration and colour of the vehicle
    • Exact location of the vehicle
    • How long the vehicle has been at that location
    • Contact details of the person reporting the vehicle.

    The City's Ranger and Security are available 24/7 and can be contacted:

    • 9272 0972, (Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm)
    • 1300 360 333 (after hours).
    What happens to abandoned vehicles?

    Once an abandoned vehicle has been reported to the City, our officers will attend and place a green sticker on the vehicle for a 24 hour period. This sticker provides official notice to the vehicle owner to remove the vehicle.

    If the vehicle is still there after 24 hours, it will be considered abandoned. Rangers will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to an authorised auction house.

    We will also try to locate the owner of the vehicle directly throughout the entire process.

    Collecting your abandoned vehicle

    If you receive a letter advising you that we have impounded your vehicle, please contact us to reclaim that vehicle prior to the date on the letter.

    You will need to pay a fee to collect your vehicle, and potentially incur a parking infringement. Once your fees are paid, you can then collect your car from the auction house (please take proof of fee payment with you).

    All unclaimed vehicles will be disposed of.

    What is hooning?

    Hooning includes any number of traffic offences:

    • Burnouts or doughnuts
    • Engine revving, screeching brakes and skidding
    • Playing loud music from a car stereo
    • Dangerous or careless driving 
    • Causing a vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke
    • Exceeding the speed limit by 45 km/h or more
    • Engaging in a race or speed trial on a public road/space.
    Reporting hooning

    The City of Bayswater's Rangers and Security officers are not authorised to deal with hoon drivers.

    If you notice a vehicle hooning within the City, please report it to WA Police on 131 444 or on the WA Police website.

    In the event of an emergency, please contact 000.

    Further information on hoon driving can be found on the WA Police website.

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