Running a Community Event

Community events bring vibrancy to the area and strengthen community bonds. That's why, in addition to our annual calendar of City-run events, we encourage community groups to organise and run their own events.

Approval from the City may be required to run an event. This page will assist you with your application to ensure your event meets the necessary health, safety and environmental requirements. This practice has been put in place to assist you with your application process, and feedback is always welcome.

What is a community event?

Any event organised by the community and for the community, on either public or private land. This includes concerts, festivals, markets, and organised one-off sporting events. It does not include private parties on private land, wedding ceremonies or funeral functions.

Do I need to complete an Event Application Form?

Events provide entertainment and the opportunity for people to connect with their community. It's important to consider how your event might impact surrounding businesses and neighbours. Depending on the impact of your event and relevant legislative requirements, you may need to complete an Event Application Form. Our Event Application Questionnaire will help you determine which forms you need to complete.

Event Application Questionnaire

Event Application Form

Community Event Guidelines

Ensure a timely application

If all the necessary information is provided, most event applications can be assessed within 30 days. Some events may require Council approval - for instance, if a donation from Council is requested or when planning approval is required. Council approval is also required when your event does not comply with noise regulations or if it's a major event with 5,000 people or more attending. In these instances, your application should be lodged at least 60 days prior to the event.

Promoting your event 

Once your community event is approved, we can help you promote it by listing it on our What's On page.

Just send an email to with some general information about the event.

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