Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Safety Systems

Tender nameServicing and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Safety Systems
Tender number5-2023
Advertisement date and timeApril 01, 2023 12:00 PM
Closing date and timeApril 28, 2023 04:00 PM
DescriptionThe City is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified Contractor for the servicing and maintenance of fire detection, suppression and evacuation systems in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. The Contractor will also be appointed to undertake six monthly exit and emergency lighting testing, annual residual current device (RCD) testing and annual emergency eye wash/shower inspections and servicing. The tender is being released on a ‘separate portions’ basis, separating RCD and exit and emergency lighting testing. Works will consist of scheduled preventative maintenance along with reactive system failure call outs. The intention is to form a three-year business relationship with two further options to extend that to a fourth and fifth year. The decisions to apply such extensions will be at the City’s discretion and will be based on the Contractor’s performance and the City’s operational requirements at the time.
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Opened in the presence ofKelley Ambrose, David Toase
List of tender submissions

Boyan Electrical Services
Critical Fire Protection & Training Pty Ltd
eFire and Safety
Essential Fire Services Pty Ltd
Mechanical and Electrical Services
Inlightec Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd
Protector Fire Services
Response Electricians
Swan Fire Services Pty Ltd
Workpower Incorporated
Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd

Winning tender nameA - Fire Systems & Emergency Devices: eFire and Safety. B - Emergency Lighting and RCD's: Boyan Electrical Services.
Their considerationA - $26,141.50 inc. GST. B - $22,632.50 inc. GST
General comments

The submissions received by Boyan Electrical and eFire & Safety demonstrated value and the capacity for delivering on the City's requirements outlined in the Tender. Both companies have previously demonstrated their high-quality workmanship, industry knowledge and professionalism in having been successful in other past and current agreements with the City.
Therefore, it is recommended that a contract in accordance with the specifications of Tender RFT5-2023 be awarded to each eGroup Holdings Pty Ltd T/A eFire and Safety for category A of the tender and Citybling Pty Ltd T/A Boyan Electrical Services for category B.

Approved under delegation FM-D02, Director Works and Infrastructure

Report recommendation date / Date of approvalMay 26, 2023
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