Design Review Panel

City of Bayswater Design Review Panel

At its Ordinary Meeting held on 25 July 2017, Council approved the creation of a Design Review Panel (DRP), and appointed the panel membership at its Planning and Development Services Committee Meeting held on 13 March 2018. Membership of the City of Bayswater DRP for the term of 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2020 is as follows:

  • Chairperson              Philip Gresley
  • Member                      Kris Mainstone
  • Member                      Patrick Miller
  • Member                      Dominic Snellgrove
  • Member                      Lee Syminton
  • Deputy Member        Carmel Van Ruth.

The DRP provides professional and technical advice, in a non-adversarial and informal manner to the City’s Administration and Council in relation to the design of buildings and other related matters. The panel performs an advisory function only and does not make decision on, or approve applications. The panel is established as a body with which the City may consult in assessing an application under the provisions of the City of Bayswater Local Planning Scheme.

The DRP has been formed to ensure future developments preserve the character of the local area and deliver high quality built form. Impartial architectural and design advice will be provided by the DRP to ensure developments are well designed and will positively enhance the local streetscapes.

Key aspects of the development the DRP will provide comment on include the overall design quality and functionality of the development, how well the development fits within its context and surroundings, and whether or not the development has potential to form a lasting contribution to the sense of place and identity of the City of Bayswater.

DRP members either collectively or individually are not authorised to speak on behalf of the City or provide comment to the media or other persons, in respect of any item under consideration, unless authorised by the Chief Executive Officer.

Design Review Panel referrals

The following applications are required to be referred to the Design Review Panel (DRP) for advice:

  • Development applications (excluding single residential development) involving three storeys or greater and located within:
    • Activity Centre zones
    • Special Control Areas
    • Mixed-Use zone
    • Business zone
    • Medium and High Density Residential zone.
  • Development applications which meet the criteria to be determined by a Development Assessment Panel under the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011
  • Any other major development application referred by the Chief Executive Officer, Director Community and Development, Council and/or Planning and Development Services Committee considered to benefit from referral to the DRP
  • Any relevant Local Planning Scheme amendment, Structure Plan or Local Planning Policy proposal (including design guidelines) referred by the Chief Executive Officer, Director Community and Development, Council and/or Planning and Development Services Committee.

If an application needs to be referred to the DRP, a fee of $2,500 is applicable, and applicants are encouraged to consult with the panel during the early planning phase of their proposal, prior to lodgement of a development application. Applications not capable of approval under the Local Planning Scheme will not be referred to the DRP.

Should you intend to submit an application requiring referral to the DRP please contact the City's Development Approvals on (08) 9272 0622 prior to lodgement to make the necessary arrangements.

Design Review Panel process

In preparation for referral to the Design Review Panel, an applicant should prepare a Powerpoint presentation detailing the project background and outlining how the proposal addresses the design principles of State Planning Policy 7, which are summarised as follows:

  • Context and character
  • Landscape quality
  • Built form and scale
  • Functionality and build quality
  • Sustainability
  • Amenity
  • Legibility
  • Safety
  • Community
  • Aesthetics.

The plans to be provided must include a site analysis (context), site design response (opportunities and constraints), and design proposal. A copy of the plans and presentation need to be provided to the City no less than a week prior to the scheduled DRP meeting date.

Applicants will be invited to attend at the relevant part of the DRP meeting (multiple items may be on the agenda), however all formal communication with the Panel will be through the Director Planning and Development Services or the Manager Planning Services who will liaise directly with the Chairperson. Panel members are strictly prohibited from individual communication with proponents or interested persons on business before the Panel outside of the meeting structure adopted by the Planning and Development Services Committee and/or Council.

The structure of a typical DRP meeting will follow the below process for each item:

  • Welcome and introductions (5 min)
  • Proponent presentation (20 min)
  • Panel questions and clarifications (10 min)
  • Panel discussion (10 min)
  • Confirmation of advice/recommendations (5 min).

Meetings of the panel are closed to the public for reasons relating to client confidentiality and given in some instances matters require protection via 'commercial in confidence'.

The DRP will provide independent professional design advice on key aspects of development in accordance with the following headings:

  • Design Principles
    • How the development responds to its context and surroundings
    • The potential of the building/structure to form a lasting contribution to the sense of place and identity of the City of Bayswater
    • The overall design quality and functionality of the building/structure
    • The appropriateness of the use of materials, finishes, and other design features
    • The impacts of the development on adjacent public spaces are appropriate
    • General comments.
  • Design Assessment
    • The strengths of the proposal
    • The elements of the proposal that can be improved.
  • Recommendation

For preliminary referrals (prior to lodgement of development application) the DRP comments will be provided to the proponent to assist in the development of the design. For formal referrals (after lodgement of development application) the DRP will make a recommendation regarding the elements of the design that are supported and those elements that would benefit from further consideration. The DRP will not provide advice on issues such as scheme and policy compliance.

If an application has been referred to the DRP for review, its advice will be included in any report prepared for determination of the application (including Responsible Authority Reports).

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