Street Trees

The City of Bayswater is responsible for the planting and maintenance of street trees throughout the City.

Requests for pruning or removal must be made to the City by:


The City prunes trees in order to maintain them to the highest possible standard and minimise any potential risk that may be posed to the public.

Pruning is only carried out by qualified Arborists, with a minimum AQF Certificate 3 in Arboriculture.

All pruning is in line with the Australian Standard for Amenity Pruning, AS 4373 - 2007 and is only carried out to remedy poor structural conditions, remove deadwood or parts of a tree affected by a pathogen, provide clear sightlines for vehicles and pedestrians, or to maintain the legislated requirements for clearance from powerlines.

Lopping, topping and flush cuts are not acceptable pruning practices and will not be used on any tree on a verge or in a park.

Pruning (canopy)

The City aims to provide the following clearances:

  • 2.5 metres over a path or verge
  • 4.6 metres over a road.

Pruning is valid for the following reasons:

  • To ensure clearance from powerlines and street lighting as per the Code of Practice for 'Personnel Electrical Safety for Vegetation Control Work Near Live Power Lines'
  • To ensure visibility of street signage
  • To allow appropriate sightlines for vehicles and pedestrians
  • To provide 4.5 metre minimum vehicular clearance along roads
  • Where an unacceptable level of risk exists within the tree and pruning will enable its longevity
  • To define the form of a tree
  • To remove significant deadwood
  • Solar Panels as determined by the City's Consulting Arborist.

The City will not prune a tree to its detriment and as such pruning is not undertaken for the following reasons:

  • Leaf, fruit, flower or bark drop
  • Appearance (for shaping or because the tree is "ugly")
  • Minor overhanging of fence lines
  • Views
  • To reduce its size
  • To discourage the presence of fauna
  • For advertising signage.

If trees overhang a property, pruning is only carried out if there is significant influence over a dwelling or where an adverse structural condition exists.

Annual Power Line Clearance Program 

The City's 2021 power line clearance program can be found below.