Intro to FOGO


What is FOGO?

City of Bayswater Former Mayor Dan Bull introduces the FOGO waste service.

View the 'Let's go FOGO' presentation (PDF  1,873KB) which provides an introduction to FOGO for residents. 

FOGO stands for 'Food Organics Garden Organics'. It refers to the weekly collection and processing of food scraps, organic garden material, and other compostable items such as animal droppings and paper products with food oil (e.g. pizza boxes).

The FOGO waste system has already started for most households, except for some multi-unit developments. If your household is FOGO-ready you are now able to place food organics and other compostable items into this bin, along with your garden waste. The contents of your FOGO bin will be turned into compost, instead of valuable food waste being taken to landfill.

Why are we moving to FOGO?

The less we send to landfill, the better for our environment. Right now, up to half the contents of our red-lid general waste bin is organic material that ends up in landfill. Under the FOGO system, we can divert this organic material from landfill and turn it into compost. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a positive and lasting impact on our environment.

The WA State Government requires all local governments in Perth and Peel to move to FOGO by 2025. The City's early adoption of FOGO is part of our ongoing commitment to reduce waste and reduce greenhouse gases. Reducing the amount sent to landfill will also help minimise future landfill charges for disposal of organic waste.

Phase one FOGO has started!

We have delivered the kitchen caddies to households, to help you separate food waste in your kitchen. To help ensure a smooth transition for everyone, your caddy includes all there is to know about FOGO: two rolls of compostable caddy liners as well as information, tips, stickers and fridge magnets.

To use your caddy, insert a provided compostable liner and start putting your kitchen scraps in there - vegetable peel, meat scraps, eggshells and the like. When full, tie the ends and place the bag in your lime-green lid kerbside bin for weekly collection on your normal bin day.

Your FOGO bin (lime-green lid) is collected weekly, and your general waste bin (red lid) is collected fortnightly. Your bin sizes and bin day remain the same.

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