White goods and Mattress Disposal

White goods and mattress collection

The City offers a white goods and mattress collection service to residents. The items will be collected on a fortnightly basis.

Once collected, the white goods and mattress are taken to an approved material recovery facility, where the items are processed and the components are recycled.

Each household is entitled to two collections per financial year.

Request white goods or mattress collection

To arrange a collection, please call us 9272 0605 or request a bulk waste collection online. Cleanaway will contact you directly prior to the collection date.

What can be collected?

The City can collect domestic white goods only, such as fridges and freezers (with doors removed or taped closed), dishwashers, washing machines and dryers (with doors removed or taped closed). Other items such as microwaves or airconditioners can be taken to the transfer station free of charge.

Collection procedures

Residents must leave the item/s (fridge with doors removed or taped shut) in an accessible location on your verge, only on the day of collection, as advised by Cleanaway. Fridges/freezers do not need to be degassed. Please note that the contractor is unable to collect from inside private property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I arrange for the white goods or mattress collection?

Contact the waste management customer service team on 9272 0605


Lodge the request online any time: request a bulk waste collection

The request to have the white goods removed must be received by the City of Bayswater by 5pm on the Friday prior to the collection day.

How many white good or mattress items can be disposed each time?

There is no limit per collection. 

What type of white goods or mattresses can be collected?

Domestic units only, such as cooktops; dishwashers; fridges & freezers (with doors removed or taped closed); heaters; hot water systems; microwaves; ovens; range hoods; and washing machines & dryers (with doors removed or taped closed).

Fridges and freezers do not need to be degassed.

Where should I place the white goods or mattresses for collection?

The white goods need to be placed in an accessible location on the verge, only on the day of collection. Contractors cannot come onto private property.

Does the City collect the base of the bedding?

No, the base of the bedding contains timber and other materials which are not recyclable at this point in time.

What if I don't have a verge?

Please discuss the issue with the Waste Management Customer Services team on 9272 0605 to look at an alternative arrangement.

Is there an alternative place to dispose of the white goods or mattresses?

Bayswater residents can take whitegoods and mattresses to the Bayswater Transfer Station at 271 Collier Road Bayswater(08) 9271 2964, 7:30am-4pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on weekends. White goods are accepted free of charge (maximum of one per year), fees apply for acceptance and recycling of mattresses unless a tip pass is provided.

What are the waiting times for white goods or mattress collection?

The collections take place on Wednesdays – they are ordered on demand and waiting time is subject to demand. You will be provided a delivery date and the order number for your reference when you book.

Can I phone Cleanaway to find out when the white goods or mattress will be collected?

Yes, residents can contact the waste management customer service team on (08) 9272 0605.

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