Dog Attacks

Dog Attacks Dog Attacks

The City of Bayswater takes all reported dog attacks seriously.

The Dog Act 1976 interprets an “attack” to be:

  • Aggressively rushing at or harassing any person or animal
  • Biting, or otherwise causing physical injury to a person or animal 
  • Tearing clothing on, or otherwise causing damage to the property of the person attacked
  • Attempting to attack or behaving in such a manner toward a person as would cause a reasonable person to fear injury.

If you or your pet are involved in a dog attack, please contact the City of Bayswater Rangers and Security on 9272 0972 or 1300 360 333. 

What to do if a dog attack happens

Please follow these steps if you or your dog are involved in a dog attack:

  1. The first priority is to seek appropriate vet or medical attention (if required)
  2. Try to obtain contact information of any witnesses and the offending dog's owner 
  3. Taking photos may help your case, so please photograph any injuries sustained in the dog attack
  4. Retaining documentation. Keep Vets bills or ask for a Doctor's note if injuries have been incurred
  5. Please contact the City's Rangers and Security and inform them of the attack
  6. Complete a Dog Attack Report Form and submit to the City. This is needed for the Rangers to gather information and investigate the attack.

Dog Attack Report Form


The outcome of a dog attack can result in either infringements being issued or a court prosecution.

Where the attack results in physical injury, the person in control of the dog may incur penalties up to $10,000. There may be penalities of up to $20,000 if the offence relates to a Dangerous Dog. 

If no physical injury is caused, the person in control of the dog may incur penalties upto  $3,000 and upto $10,000 if the offence relates to a Dangerous Dog. 

Dangerous dogs

The Dog Act 1976 and the Dog Regulations 2013 provide information on dangerous dogs (restricted breeds).

Under the Dog Act, a dangerous dog is defined as a breed whose import into Australia is restricted. Please refer to the WA Rangers Restricted Breed Dogs information for a list of current restricted breeds in WA. 

As a result of a dog attack, the Senior Ranger may consider declaring a dog dangerous.

Keeping a dangerous dog is subject to legislative requirements.

Reporting and investigation

In order for the City to investigate a dog attack, we require a completed Dog Attack Report. 

This includes a written statement describing the attack and all evidence of injuries, including photos and medical reports. 

It is important to record names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses if possible as well as the offending dogs owner details. 

Please return the completed dog attack report, written statement and supporting documents to the City of Bayswater Rangers and Security:


As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for how your dog behaves. By correctly controlling your dog you can prevent it from attacking people and other animals.

  • Never allow your dog to be unsupervised on the street
  • Keep your dog on a lead when taking it in a public place
  • Ensure there is secure fencing around your property.

When in the public, your dog must be tethered or on a leash, unless the park is a designated dog exercise area. You may exercise your dog off the leash in dog exercise areas, however as an owner you are still fully responsible for the control and behaviour of your dog.

For more information about Dog Exercise Areas, please see Dog Exercise Areas.

For more infomation about being a responsible owner please see Dog Ownership and Registration.

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