Dog Ownership and Registration

Dogs as Pets

Owning a dog can be a rewarding experience. Studies have shown that having a dog improves your health by encouraging exercise. Dog ownership also teaches children responsibility and helps them develop their social and nurturing skills. In order to be healthy and happy, dogs need:

  • A suitable environment
  • Exercise (dogs need to be walked regulary)
  • A healthy diet
  • Companionship (dogs are highly social animals and get lonely easily which can lead to anxiety)
  • To be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

If you have concerns regarding the welfare of a dog please visit the RSPCA website.

Why dogs are registered

Dog registration is a legal requirement and enables the City of Bayswater (the City) to:

  • Reunite a lost pet with its owner
  • Regulate domestic animals businesses e.g. pet shops and boarding kennels
  • Undertake animal management services e.g. regulation of dangerous dogs
  • Provide dog facilities e.g. dog exercise parks and impound facility.
Dog Registration Dog Registration

Dog microchip and registration requirements

All dogs over the age of three months must be:

  • Microchipped (through a vet) 
  • Registered with the City.

It is not a requirement that your dog is sterilised, however, discounted fees do apply for sterilised animals.

A microchip is an implant placed under your dog's skin by a vet. It is used as a means of identification. Proof your dog is microchipped must be provided at the time of registration.

If you are concerned a microchip will affect the health and welfare of your dog, you can ask your vet to provide an exemption certificate.

Dog registration tag

Upon registration you will be issued with a dog registration tag. The dog registration tag includes a registration number and expiry date. This tag must be fixed to your dog’s collar.

Dog Registration Requirements Dog Registration Requirements

How to register your dog

First time registration

Please complete the Dog Registration form and submit it with your payment and proof of microchipping to:

City of Bayswater
61 Broun Avenue,
Morley WA 6062

Or via email to 

Important note: If you are applying for a discounted fee for a sterilised dog or if you hold a pensioner concession card, a copy must be provided with your application form.

Dog registration renewal

All dog registrations expire on October 31 each year.

A reminder notice will be sent to you by mail when the expiry date is near. However, it is the dog owner's responsibility to ensure the registration is renewed.

Fees and charges

Dog registrations are valid for either one year, three years or lifetime.

A discounted fee is provided for sterilised dogs.

Animal renewal forms are posted out in October each year outlining payment options.

Registration OptionsMicrochipped and sterilised dogMicrochipped and unsterilised dog
1 year$20$50
3 years$42.50$120

If you are the holder of a pensioner concession card, you are entitled to a 50% reduction on the following fees. A copy must be presented at the time of registration.

Your responsibilities as a dog owner

As a dog owner, you must follow all relevant legislations and be accountable for the welfare of your dog and the environment.

If you fail to comply, it may result in infringements being issued and legal proceedings may be considered.

As a dog owner you must:

Your dog is required to wear a collar with a valid registration tag attached with the owners name and address. This tag will be issued by the City when you pay your registration fee and helps reunite you and your dog should you be separated.

If you own a dog, you have a legal responsibility to keep it under control, either within a fenced area on your property, or on a leash in public.

The City's local law requires  the person in charge of the dog in a public place to pick up after their dog and dispose of the waste appropriately.

Sterilisation scheme subsidy

The City offers a subsidy for sterilising a registered dog. Subsidies are available at these participating vet clinics:

Vet Clinics participating in sterilisation subsidy
Vet ClinicAddressContact Number
Greencross Vet Clinic2/1010 Beaufort Street, Bedford

9371 2456

Bedford - Dianella Vet Clinic

78 Walter Road, Bedford

9275 9283

Maylands Vet Clinic

260 Guildford Road, Maylands

9371 0005

Morley Vet Centre and Cat Clinic

6 Cherry Court, Morley

9275 3000

Noranda / Beechboro Vet Clinic

1/36 Benara Road, Noranda

9275 3021

Please contact the City for further information prior to the sterilisation of your pet.

Keeping more than two dogs

No more than two dogs per property are permitted in the City of Bayswater unless special permission has been granted.

To apply, please complete the application to keep more than two dogs and post to:

City of Bayswater
61 Broun Avenue,
Morley WA 6062

Or email to

Alternatively,  please contact Rangers and Security on 9272 0972 or 1300 360 333.

Change of ownership/address

If the status of your pet changes, such as:

  • Change of ownership
  • Change of address.

Please contact the City of Bayswater Rangers and Security by:

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