The City permits some poultry to be kept, including:

  • Chickens (hens but not roosters)
  • Ducks
  • Domestic Fowls.

The number of poultry that can be kept on residential property depends on the lot size, please refer to the below table.

Lot Area (m2)Number of Poultry
Less than 5000
500 to 5999
600 to 69910
700 to 79911
800 to 89912
900 to 99913
1000 to 109914
1100 to 119915
1200 to 129916
1300 to 139917
1400 to 149918
1500 to 159919

1600 to 1699

1700 to 179921
1800 to 189922
1900 to 199923
2000 or greater24
Keeping poultry within the City Keeping poultry within the City

Conditions of keeping poultry

In order to keep poultry within the City, they must be kept in an enclosure:

  • Of at least 20 square metres
  • 1.2 metres away from any property boundary
  • Nine metres away from a dwelling, public building, premises where people are employed or a place where food is located. The approval of the Manager Environmental Health Services is required before any poultry is kept closer than nine metres
  • With a weatherproof poultry roost for the poultry to shelter. The poultry roost must allow a minimum of 0.3 square metres per bird and have a 250mm perimeter wall sloped around and to the front. The floor must be a minimum of 50mm thick.

The poultry pen as well as structures, feed and water containers must be kept in clean. A clean poultry enclosure prevents odour and doesn't attract vermin or flies.

For further information on the conditions of keeping poultry or to report a rooster in a residential area, please contact the City’s Health Department:

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