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Building or Renovating

This page provides information on making building applications for building and renovating.

Building Commission tools and information

The Building Commission of Western Australia has developed tools and information to assist in the application of residential construction.

Building Commission Website 

New buildings, additions and alterations

Generally all structural developments (houses, patios, sheds etc) require a building permit from the City before any works can begin. There some exemptions under the Building Regulations 2012. Buildings that are considered exempt under the regulations can be found on the information sheet.

Some developments also require planning approval from the City, as well as a Building Permit. To check if planning approval is required, please contact the City’s Planning Department on 9272 0622.

The following are some examples where planning approval is required:

  • Grouped dwellings (more than one dwelling on a lot)
  • Development on a strata lot.
  • Commercial development
  • Shop fitouts

All new residential dwellings and additions or alterations to existing buildings require a Building Permit. Planning approval is also required where variations to the acceptable development provisions of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia are being sought.

Fees and charges

All Permits applications are subject to fees which must be paid at the time of lodging application forms. The fees and charges vary depending on the value of works being undertaken outlined in the application. Any works more than $20,000 also require a verge bond to be paid. Refer to the page on fees and charges for more information.


Many older buildings contain asbestos cement. When renovating, investigations should be undertaken to determine if there is any asbestos cement on site. Asbestos cement is generally considered to be stable if it is left undisturbed. There are specific requirements for the dismantling and removal of asbestos cement products in dwellings and other buildings to ensure that risk from asbestos fibre inhalation is reduced. It is to be transported and disposed of in accordance with Department of Environment requirements.

Building repairs and maintenance

All buildings within the City of Bayswater need to be maintained in a safe and sound manner. Repairs may be required if a building is deemed to be structurally unsound and poses a safety risk to the general public.

Carports and garages

All carports and garages require a Building Permit. Planning approval is also required where variations to the acceptable development provisions of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia are being sought.


All Buildings over 40m2 where demolition is to be undertaken require a demolition permit from the City and may require planning approval. When lodging a demolition application, a site plan needs to be submitted showing the location of the building and the extent of demolition to be undertaken (portion or whole building). Demolition works being undertaken as part of a Building Permit relating to additions on renovations may not require a demolition permit.

Land filling and earthworks

Land filling of 500mm or more requires planning approval and may require a Building Permit where retaining is involved.
Earthworks is the preparation of a site for building. All earthworks require a Building Permit. In some circumstances, Building Permit for earthworks can be obtained prior to the building being approved.


Excavation on or near a Boundary may have an adverse affect on the adjoining land. Should the City determine that a proposed excavation may have an adverse affect on the adjoining land, the City will require consent from all of the affected adjoining land owners on a Form BA20, or evidence of a court order in accordance with Section 77 of the Building Act 2011, prior to issuing any approvals.

Patios and pergolas

Not all patios and pergolas require a Building permit see exemptions from Building Permit to determine if an application is required. Planning approval is also required where variations to the acceptable development provisions of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia are being sought. For more information on whether a planning approval is needed, please contact the City’s Planning Department on 9272 0622.

Retaining walls and fences

A Building Permit is required where retaining is 500mm or greater in height, associated with other building work or with the protection of land adjoining the land on which the retaining wall is located. Retaining 500mm or greater is to be designed by a Structural Engineer. Certified drawings are to be submitted with the Building permit application.

Fences either within or behind the front setback are required to comply with the City's Fencing and Floodlighting Local Law. The City's Fencing and Floodlighting Local Law is available on the City's website at:


It should be noted that the City has no authority in dealing with dividing fences and does not administer the Dividing Fences Act. The Citizens Advice Bureau of Western Australia may be able to assist on matters relating to the Dividing Fences Act, and further information may also be obtained by contacting the Legal Aid Commission or the Building Commission within the Department of Commerce.   

Fence construction requirements

Fence materials not permitted include barbed wire, flat steel, corrugated steel or flat sheet fibre cement. Sharp objects such as glass or nails are not permitted to be embedded in a fence.

Where profiled fibre cement or profiled steel (defined as sheeting having an indented or profiled lateral cross-section but does not include corrugated iron or steel) is used as front fencing, the sheets are to be painted or colour-bonded.

Where fences are on a sloping ground, they are to be trimmed to form a continuous line or stepped, parallel with the slope of the land and must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

For further information, please contact the City’s Building Department on 9272 0622.

Satellite dishes and antennas

Certain satellite dishes and antennas require both planning approval and a building permit. Please refer to the City’s Building Department on 9272 0622.

Unauthorised structures

These are structures where the City has no record of an approval. For further information, please refer to the information sheets relating to unauthorised structures. 


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