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Gobba Lake

Where and what is Gobba Lake

Gobba Lake is situated on the corner of Wyatt Road and Wright Crescent in Bayswater and is approximately 1.7 hectares in area. The lake is important as it is a remnant clay pit of the earliest industry in Bayswater, “Walkenden’s Brickworks”, which was established in 1887. It is situated in the middle of an area that was once market gardens and pasture land for dairy cattle. This disused clay pit was excavated and transformed into a deep water lake.

Gobba Lake was named after Gino Gobba, who served on the Bayswater Council as a member of the Health and Building Committee from 1975-78.

The lake was connected to the stormwater drainage network by water and transformed into a deep water lake/drainage compensation basin.

What was wrong with Gobba Lake

The Lake was a remnant of a bygone era where extractive industries had no requirements to rehabilitate an area after they had finished their operations. Due to the lakes past use as a clay pit, it is deep with very steep sides. This caused;

• a poor functioning ecosystem, which reduces filtering of nutrients and sediments causing an overall poorer water quality resulting in algae blooms becoming an increasing problem each year;

• a lack of native aquatic plants and invertebrates that provide a food source and resulting in fewer visits by water birds; and

• a decrease in its use for passive recreation due to the lack of overall visual appeal.

What was done to fix it?

The City of Bayswater have worked with and supported the Friends of Gobba Lake in their efforts to reconstruct the lake as a habitat for wetland flora and fauna and create a local public open space for eco-recreational use in Bayswater

Some of the works that have happened over the last five years include;

• extension of the lake to create a nutrient stripping sedge bed;
• planting a garden using native plants which also create habitat for fauna around the west and south sides of the lake;
• building an island to re-establish native vegetation to create a bird breeding habitat on the east side of the reserve;
• removing invading sedges from the lake and replacing them with native ones to remove nutrients and add habitat for fauna like the resident black swan; and
• installing a playground and concrete walk path around the lake so that people can enjoy the natural beauty of the wetland.

What has the City got planned for this year

The City has just finished planting more native species around the wetland with the Friends of Gobba Lake and the local community, who are looking forward to the spectacular spring wildflower displays that occurs around the Lake each year.

Later in the year, the City is hoping to complete the project by installing a small lookout between the bird breeding area and boat launch, and finally holding a sausage sizzle day at Gobba Lake to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into its restoration over the last 5 years.

To keep up-to-date with the latest changes, improvements and happenings at Gobba Lake, be sure to include this site as one of your favourites.
Gobba Lake
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