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City Of Bayswater

Traffic Management Plans

In case your event is likely to have a significant impact on parking requirements, crowd movements or traffic congestion then a traffic management plan is required together with your Event Application Form. It is advised to consider options such as moving the event to a different location, restricting traffic or closing a road completely when conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles are expected.

Provide detailed information in your Traffic Management Plan on how your event will impact traffic, parking, access to residential houses and business premises and actions to mitigate these effects.

It is required to provide sufficient disabled parking bays for the proposed number of people attending the event. A ratio of one (1) disabled parking bay per 100 car parking bays should be used.

Applications to close roads need to be lodged with the WA Police and require approval from the City of Bayswater. It is also important to notify Main Roads and the Transport and Emergency Services.
If your event is on a road or part of a road please contact the WA Police to discuss your event and any other considerations before lodging your Event Application Form with the City.
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