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City Of Bayswater

Want a Free Street Tree?

The City of Bayswater is responsible for the planting and maintenance of street trees throughout the City. Requests for planting, pruning or removal must be made to the city by phone or in writing.

Street Tree Planting is carried out in the winter months to make best use of the winter rains, and allow for better establishment of the new trees. To help us with source enough quality trees, requests should be made to the City by 31 December.
Tree species are selected to best suit the streetscape, soil type and available space, whilst taking into consideration above and below ground infrastructure.

The City will provide one tree for each front verge and two trees for a side verge, this is to ensure consistency and adequate spacing between trees, allowing them to develop to their full potential.

You are asked to help your new tree in its first three summers by giving it some extra water in the summer, this ensures it has the best chance of survival. You are not permitted to prune, move or remove a tree from the verge. If you feel that a tree need any additional care, please call the City and we will arrange an inspection to determine what action is required.

How to lodge a request

Please download and complete the form below and return to: mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au 

Street Tree Planting List

Street Tree Request Form

If you would like more information, please call 9270 4152 and speak to one of our Customer Service Officers.

Street Tree  Street Tree

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