Berringa Park Wetlands

Berringa Park is a wetland conservation area in the City of Bayswater.

Berringa Park is one of the few remaining wetlands in the Swan and Canning estuaries, with a significant and diverse number of bird life using the wetlands for feeding and breeding. 

Two of these species, the Great Egret and Caspian Tern, are listed in the Japan and China Migratory Birds Agreement.

The wetlands have small areas of shallow and tidal mud flats that support invertebrates, which are an important food source for water birds. The wetlands cover a substantial area containing relatively undisturbed indigenous saltmarsh, sedge land and fringing woodland communities.

The foreshore sedges and natural bushland areas provide breeding sites and protection for wildlife, as well as acting as an important nutrient trap to prevent pollution flowing into the Swan River.

The wetlands offer opportunities for study and passive recreation, as well as providing landscape features of regional significance.

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