Unwanted noise can be an issue between neighbours, causing unnecessary stress.

Our most common noise complaints come from air conditioners, loud music, pool filters and construction noise. It is always best to try to avoid creating noise that will disrupt your neighbours, and if you are having issues with a noisy neighbour we strongly encourage you to try a friendly chat as your first step in resolving those issues.

What are the rules?

As a general rule, if noise can be easily heard at the boundary of a property, there is the potential it could impact upon neighbouring properties and exceed the allowed levels of noise.

You can find the full detailed legislation by reading the The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.

What happens if I make too much noise?

Unwanted noise, particularly regularly, can be a major cause of stress, sleep problems and disagreements between neighbours. It is always best to try not to create excessive noise that may disrupt those around you, but if you fail to comply with the noise legislation it can result in notices and fines, seizure of equipment or prosecution.

Please consider the needs of those around you before you begin a noisy activity. 

What times can I make construction noise?

Construction noise between 7am and 7pm Monday - Saturday (excluding public holidays) is permitted as long as you're using a reasonable level of equipment. 

Any noise outside these times must comply with the levels outlined in the regulations. It is possible to receive approval for construction noise outside of these times, give us a call on 9272 0622 to find out more. 

Aircraft noise

The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 do not apply to aircraft noise (other than noise from model aircraft). Therefore, the City is unable to investigate aircraft noise.

Airservices is a government-owned corporation who manage air traffic operations for Perth Airport.

To lodge a noise complaint or make an enquiry about aircraft operations, please visit the Airservices website.

Alternatively, they can be contacted on 1800 802 584.

Musical instruments

If you're practicing a musical instrument, please keep your neighbours in mind - particularly in units or town houses.

Regulations state that you can play an instrument for up to one hour per day, between 7am and 7pm Monday - Saturday and 9am - 7pm on Sundays or public holidays. 

If you're having an issue with a neighbour playing excessively, we encourage you to have a friendly chat with your neighbour to try to resolve the issue before taking it any further.

Power tools

If you're planning to use power tools or equipment on a residential property, please keep the needs of your neighbours in mind. 

Power tools can be used for up to two hours between 7am and 7pm Monday - Saturday and 9am - 7pm on Sundays or public holidays. 


If you're planning a party, it is always best to let your neighbours know well in advance to ensure they are not disturbed by excessive noise. 

If your neighbours are throwing loud parties regularly and the noise is creating issues for you, you can submit a noise complaint for us to investigate. You can also report a noisy party to our Rangers and Security team, or report anti-social behaviour to the WA Police.

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