Parking in Public Areas

Our Rangers and Security team work 24/7 to ensure that parking in our community is an easy and safe exercise. 

      Parking in the city

      Our Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2016 are the rules that govern how we manage parking.

      These rules exist so that our streets are accessible for people using mobility devices or pushing prams and to make sure that everyone in our community is kept safe. By following the laws, you can do your bit to help out so that everyone can enjoy our City. 

      We help to address parking issues including:

      • Parking on footpaths/verges
      • Vehicles for sale on reserves
      • School parking patrols
      • ACROD and disabled parking
      • Timed parking around business and residential locations.
      Parking at schools

      Parking safely at schools is essential and can make a huge difference in the life of a child or pedestrian.

      To ensure you're thinking of others when you park we've put together some helpful tips:

      • Slow down and keep an eye out for children in school zones
      • Use 'Kiss and Drive' facilities if available, helping to reduce congestion in car parks
      • Walk or cycle to and from school, it's healthy and it helps keep schools clear of cars
      • Try using nearby parking facilities in reserves or shopping centres or park a little further away and walk a short distance to the school

      Some parking related matters fall under different authorities, which means Ranger and Security officers are not always able to attend. These areas include:

      • Private property
      • Railway stations
      • Private car parks.

      If you have a parking question, please give us a call on 9272 0622.

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