Public Question Time

Questions by members of the public

The City's Standing Orders Local Law 2021 set the procedures for Public Question Time.

Questions relating to items on the agenda will be called first, then questions relating to other business.

Attending Public Question Time

If you would like to attend the Ordinary Council Meeting to ask your question in person please follow the steps below.

  1. State your name and address
  2. Direct the question to the Chairperson
  3. Ask your question briefly.  

Questions are limited to three per person before other members of the public will be invited to ask their questions. If there is sufficient time, the Presiding member may allow you to ask additional questions if there are no more questions from other members of the public.

An attempt will be made to answer questions at the meeting, however if the question is 'taken on notice' a response will be available in the next agenda of the relevant meeting. 

A summary of each question and response is included in the minutes of the meeting in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

How to submit your question online

Before you ask your question, you can submit it online or fill out a written Public Question Time form below.

If you are submitting your question online and not attending in person, questions must be received by 1:30pm on the advertised date of the Ordinary Council Meeting.

In accordance with clause 6.7(6) of the City of Bayswater Standing Orders Local Law 2021, the Presiding Member may elect for written questions to be responded to as normal business correspondence.

Public Question Time Submission Form
Will you be attending the meeting to ask questions in person or in writing?

Is your question related to an item on the agenda?

Answer the question below:
Is three < than eight? (true/false)

How to submit your question in writing in person

If you would like to submit your question in writing in person at the Ordinary Council Meeting, please download the form below. Hard copies are also available on the night of the Ordinary Council Meeting. 

Download WRitten public question time form

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