Heritage Incentives

The City offers a range of Heritage Incentives to help land owners maintain heritage listed properties. 

Heritage Grants

Heritage grants are available to assist with the maintenance, conservation and improvement of heritage buildings contained within the City’s Heritage List.  The grants are available for residential or commercial properties that meet the following criteria:

The subject building must be more than 50 years old and must be contained on the City’s Heritage List of Heritage Places within the area of Town Planning Scheme No. 23 and/or 24

  • The subject property has not received any funding from the City’s Heritage fund in the previous five years
  • The nature of the works complies with permitted works listed in the policy.

The City's 'Heritage Fund' policy sets out what types of development can be considered for a heritage grant. 

Applicants may apply for the lesser of 50% of the total cost of the approved works, or $4,000 per property. 

To apply for a heritage grant, please complete the application form attached to the 'Heritage Funds' policy and provide three quotes for the works to be undertaken. The application will be assessed by City officers and put to Council for a final decision. 


Refund of Fees

The City has a policy "Refund of Planning and Building Fees".  This policy permits the refunding of relevant fees for developments that propose to conserve or improve the heritage aspects of a building. This policy only applies to properties which are on listed on the Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) or Scheme Heritage List. 

The policy states:

"The City will refund planning application and building fees charged by the City for development in the following circumstances:

  • Where the subject building to be retained is more than 50 years old and must be contained on the City’s Heritage List of Heritage Places within the area of Town Planning Scheme No. 23 and/or 24
  • Where the applicant/owner proposes development that will enhance or maintain the heritage aspects of a certain building and/or site."


Flexible Application of Statutory Requirements for Buildings Contained within the City’s Heritage List

The City has a policy "Flexible Application Of Statutory Requirements For Buildings Contained Within The City’s Heritage List".  Under this policy, the City may consider variations to certain development standards including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Minimum lot sizes
  • Average lot sizes
  • Plot ratio
  • Setbacks
  • Variations to car parking and landscaping
  • Other development standards.

The variation flexibility only applies to properties on the MHI or Scheme Heritage List. 

A full copy of all the policies are available on the Planning and Development Legislation and Policies page under "Heritage Policies".  A link for which can be found below.

For further information on whether your property qualifies for heritage incentives, please contact the City's Statutory Planning Department on (08) 9272 0921 or via email to

For further information on the heritage policies, please contact the City's Strategic Planning Department on 9272 0649 or via email to


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