Using Your Kitchen Caddy

To support residents to use the new FOGO service a free kitchen caddy, compostable caddy liners and instructions will be delivered to each eligible household from March 2021. Click on 'Who will get a FOGO service?' on our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out if your household is eligible. 

The caddy is a counter-top style bin with a lid and handle, to keep on your kitchen bench for collecting your food scraps.

Kitchen caddy with acceptable items.

To use your caddy, first find a convenient place to keep it, such as your kitchen benchtop. Insert a provided compostable liner into the caddy and start collecting your kitchen scraps inside - vegetable peel, meat scraps, eggshells etc. After 2-3 days, or once the liner is full, tie a knot to seal it, and place the liner and its contents in your FOGO kerbside bin (lime-green lid). Put out the FOGO bin for weekly collection on your normal bin day. Find out what day your bin is collected each week.

Once FOGO starts, you can continue to put garden waste into the lime-green lid kerbside bin, along with your food waste.

Where can I get more kitchen caddy liners?

Where can I get more compostable liners?

The caddy comes with an initial supply of two rolls of compostable liners (150 liners), which should last up to a year. The City will continue to provide an allocation of liners for residents annually. Additional liners will also be available for businesses, sporting clubs, community associations and schools participating in the FOGO system.

From 19 July 2021, you can collect more liners from a City of Bayswater Library, or our City of Bayswater Civic Centre at 61 Broun Avenue, Morley. When you come to collect, please bring identification that shows you are a City of Bayswater resident, i.e. something showing your address, such as a driver's licence or utilities bill.

The allocation will be 2 x rolls of 75 liners (total of 150 liners) per waste year, per residence free of charge. Residents will be able to collect one roll at a time. The waste year runs from April 1 to March 31.

You can also purchase more compostable liners from supermarkets and hardware stores if you choose.  Please look for this symbol (below) on the packaging, it indicates the product is certified compostable under Australian Standards and will break down during the composting process, without leaving any toxic residue which could affect plants and earthworms. 

As an alternative, you can line your caddy with newspaper or a paper bag, as paper will break down in the composting process along with your FOGO waste. You can also place your food waste loose into the caddy and the FOGO bin - simply rinse out your kitchen caddy after emptying.

Certified compostable logo

Can I collect both allocated rolls at once?

No, only one roll will be available for collection at a time. We recommend picking up your replacement roll of liners when you are near the end of your current roll, as the compostable liners have only a short shelf life and will begin to break down if stored for long periods.

How can I make the liners last longer?

We recommend changing the liner every 2-3 days, as they will begin to break down.

Heat and moisture can make them decompose faster, so we recommend storing your liners in a cool, dry place and soaking up any liquids from food scraps by placing paper towel or newspaper inside the compostable liner or at the bottom of the kitchen caddy.

Can I use the council supplied liners for pet waste?

The compostable liners provided by the City are intended to be used for food waste only. You can purchase certified compostable liners designed for pet waste from local pet stores, supermarkets or online retailers.

The yellow dog poo bags provided in City parks are certified compostable and can be placed in the FOGO bin. Alternatively, you can wrap pet waste in newspaper or place it loose into the FOGO bin.

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