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What is a verge?

A verge is the area between the edge of the road and the boundary of a property.

Verges are Crown land (owned by the Government) and are under the management of the City.

Vital services and public infrastructure may be located on verges such as:

  • Street lighting
  • Power
  • Underground utilities, including:
    • Water
    • Sewerage
    • Phone cables.
Verge Mowing Verge Mowing

Residential verge maintenance

Residents within the City are responsible for maintaining the verge in front of their property. If the property is located on a corner, verge maintenance includes any side verges.

In the event that residents are either unable or not prepared to mow their verge, the City will perform a limited amount of verge maintenance. Please note: 

  • This service includes slashing long grass and weeds prior to the onset of the summer fire season
  • This is a cursory service and not regular maintenance
  • Verges that are improved with reticulation or landscaping are excluded from this service.

For more information, please view the City's Street Verges Policy.

Waterwise Native Verge Program 

The City of Bayswater is offering a waterwise greening program to help residents create their own waterwise verge gardens. Planting your verge with waterwise plants has many benefits, but most importantly, it helps improve local water quality, reduces water use, helps increase biodiversity and beautifies our neighbourhoods. So why not unleash your inner green thumb and get involved?

This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s ‘Waterwise Greening Scheme’ and will help the City of Bayswater become a leading waterwise Council.

As part of our Waterwise Native Verge Program, property owners can:

  • Apply for a rebate to assist with the creation of a waterwise verge garden
    The City is offering property owners a rebate of up to $250 (for verges smaller than 80m2) or up to $500 (for verges larger than 80m2) to assist with improving their verge this winter season.  Property owners have until Sunday 1 September 2024 to complete the works. Funds will be granted to eligible applicants on a 'first come, first serve' basis until the pool of funding is exhausted. 
    Applications for the 2024 Waterwise Native Verge Program are now closed, as funding has been exhausted.
  • Purchase 10 local native plants at a subsidised price through our Plants to Residents program with Enviro House, launching Sunday 5 May 2024.

Waterwise Native Verge Program – Information

Verge Greening Guidelines


Best Practice Examples of Waterwise Native Verges

In recent years, residents have created amazing waterwise native verges. Below are some great examples for inspiration. The City has also installed two demonstration verges, thanks to funding from Water  Corporation, to assist residents in designing their own native verge.

More information and advice on creating a waterwise verge garden can be found on the Water Corporation's website.

Your verge street

Your verge street

Demonstration Native Waterwise Verge - Challenger Avenue, Morley (Arbor Park)

Demonstration Native Waterwise Verge - Challenger Avenue, Morley (Arbor Park)

Demonstration Native Waterwise Verge - Bellevue Street, Bayswater (Riverside Garden)

Demonstration Native Waterwise Verge - Bellevue Street, Bayswater (Riverside Garden)

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