Public Interest Disclosure

Whistleblower Procedures

The City's Integrity Framework promotes the detection, response and monitoring of any conduct that is contrary to our values. 

Reporting procedures for Public Interest Disclosures form part of the The Integrity Framework that also comprises the Code of Ethics and Fraud and Corruption Plan. These procedures set out how the City manages Public Interest Disclosures and is compliant with the Public Interest Disclosure Act (2003) and other relevant legislation.

The objectives of the procedures are to:

  • Effectively manage the reporting process for Public Interest Disclosures in line with current legislation

  • Encourage the reporting of suspected wrongdoing

  • Protect and support disclosers who make reports of wrongdoing

  • Ensure that disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with


What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

Public Interest Disclosures (PID) also referred to as 'whistleblowing', is the reporting of improper conduct within local government, state public sector and public universities.

A disclosure is not just a general complaint. It must relate to something that affects the rights, health or finances of the public; and must show serious wrong doing by a public authority, staff member or contractor when performing their job.

Disclosures can be made about a number of serious issues, including corruption, misuse of public resources, dishonest administration, or danger to public health and safety.

What are types of wrong doing?
  • Corrupt conduct
  • Dishonest or inefficient administration
  • Misuse of public resources
  • A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety
  • A substantial and specific danger to the environment
  • A criminal offence.
Making a Public Interest Disclosure: How to report a disclosure

Before making a disclosure, you should contact a Public Interest Disclosure Officer to find out:

  • How to make the disclosure and who you should disclose to
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • The protections that will apply
  • Whether the information you have is covered by the Act.

It is important to check whether your information is true, or is likely to be true. Making false or misleading disclosures is an offence.

To be protected under the Act you must make your disclosure to a proper authority. A Public Interest Disclosure Officer will help you with this.

Alternative Avenues to make a public interest disclosure

If you wish to make a public interest disclosure about the City of Bayswater to an external independent PID officer, you may do so through the

  • The Public Sector Commission
  • The Corruption and Crime Commission for serious misconduct
  • Western Australia Police for criminal matters
  • Ombudsman Western Australia for matters governing administration affecting individuals
  • Equal Opportunity Commission Western Australia for matters regarding discrimination.

The same protections apply if you make a disclosure through the City of Bayswater or through one of the above alternative avenues.


Your identity is protected under the Public Interest Disclosure Act. However, in certain circumstances, we are obliged to disclose identifying information regarding your disclosure.

Lodging a disclosure using the email address ensures that the disclosure will be managed in accordance with our strict record keeping practices at the highest security levels.

For more information on confidentiality, please refer to the Guidelines document.

If the discloser consents to having their identity revealed to assist us in dealing with the disclosure, our PID Officer will record this using the City of Bayswater Consent to Identify Form.


Fear of reprisal is one reason why people rarely make public interest disclosures. 

The PID Act provides legal protections against workplace reprisals. However, all disclosures must adhere to the Guidelines and be made through the appropriate channels.

What are some of the protections under the PID Act?

You will:

  • have your identity protected
  • will not be subject to any civil, criminal or administrative liability for making a disclosure, unless the disclosure is knowingly false or misleading
  • have no contractual or other remedy enforced or sanction imposed on you on the basis of making the disclosure
  • have absolute privilege for the purposes of defamation proceedings in respect of the public interest disclosure
  • not have a contract to which you are a party terminated on the basis of the disclosure.
Who are the City's PID officers?

Ms Anna Gillespie, Manager People, Culture and Safety (Principal PID Officer)

Ms Amanda Albrecht, Manager Governance and Organisational Planning and Development

Telephone: (08) 9272 0622

Email the City's PID Officers at:

Alternatively visit the PID website

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