Cooling Towers and Air Handling Systems

Approval to install or alter an Air Handling System, Water System or Cooling Tower

A person who proposes to install, or substantially modify, an air‑handling system, water system or cooling tower in a building must make an application for that purpose to the local government and obtain the written approval of the local government.

What is required for the application?

In accordance with the Health (Air-handling and Water Systems) Regulations 1994, applications relating to air handling systems or cooling towers must be accompanied by a plan that includes:

  • details of the type, design, layout and location of the air handling system or cooling tower
  • the location of air inlets and air exhausts, including windows which open
  • the direction of the prevailing winds and localised wind patterns
  • the location and design of other inlets and discharges which may affect or be affected by the proposed installation
  • the position and type of any proposed developments in the vicinity of the installation of which the local government have received notice.

Please note that there is no prescribed form for this application.

An email or letter, accompanied by the above-mentioned information can be sent to either:


PO Box 467



How much does this application cost?

Currently there is no fee prescribed for this application.

What are the legislative requirements?

The design, installation and maintenance of air-handling systems, water systems and cooling towers must comply with:

Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911

Health (Air-handling and Water Systems) Regulations 1994

Australian Standard AS 3666

Where can I get further information?

For any questions or queries please contact:

Environmental Health & Statutory Building Branch

City of Bayswater

9272 0648

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