Place Management in Bayswater

The City of Bayswater has adopted a place management approach to improve our four major town centres: Bayswater, Maylands, Morley and Noranda.

As part of this approach, the City has a Place Manager who works closely with a mix of community and business groups, individual residents, landowners and businesses to improve their town centres. Results of this collaboration include place activation initiatives such as events, streetscape improvements, greening, heritage and cultural initiatives, and public art.

The City has created a plan for the Bayswater Town Centre, detailing community priorities for this area:

Bayswater Town Centre Place Activation Plan

Contact your Place Manager

Contact our Place Manager on (08) 9272 0622 or

Place Activation Groups

There are a number of groups in Bayswater who work on a huge range of projects aimed at making Bayswater Town Centre a better place for everyone in the community. 

Our Place Manager works closely with these groups as well as other businesses and individuals to help them get their ideas off the ground. You can find out more about some of these groups by clicking below:

Baysie Rollers

Bayswater Historical Society

Future Bayswater

Bayswater Town Centre Place Essence and Values

As part of the implementation of the Bayswater Town Centre Place Activation Plan, the City has responded to community requests to identify the core values that should guide decision-making on town centre projects.

In September 2019, Village Well ran the Spirit of Place community workshop in order to identify the essence and core values that underlie the place. The outcomes have been captured in the Bayswater Town Centre Place Essence and Values document.

The document is intended to be used as a guide beside other plans and documents, and the introduction explains how to apply it to your work or project. The Bayswater Town Centre Place Activation Plan is currently being used to provide the raw material for the upcoming branding of the town centre, which will include a town centre logo and an associated marketing strategy.  

Bayswater Town Centre Place Essence and Values

Destination Marketing Strategy - 2021 to 2025

The City of Bayswater Destination Marketing Strategy 2021-2025 provides a blueprint for attracting visitors to the City's three major town centres of Maylands, Bayswater and Morley over the next four years and beyond.

Download the Destination Marketing Strategy.

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