Mertome Retirement Village Redevelopment

Mertome Retirement Village Mertome Retirement Village

On 1 April 2019, Hall & Prior (Fresh Fields Management (Mertome Village) Pty Ltd entered into a long-term lease with the City and acquired the business  and assets associated with Mertome Village. Hall & Prior operates Mertome Village and the Hostel. If you have any queries, please contact Hall & Prior on 08 9321 1388.


Mertome Retirement Village in Bayswater was built in the early 1970s. The village is considered the first Council provided aged care service. The project was driven by a City of Bayswater Councillor, for whom the village is named after.

The site currently contains 102 independent living units and a 70 bed residential aged care facility. Despite Mertome Village undergoing several refurbishment throughout the years, it has now reached the end of it’s operating life.

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