Property Addressing

New property addresses

The City of Bayswater is responsible for all property address allocations within its boundaries, and will inform Landgate and other authorities and service providers when allocating a new property address or modifying an existing property address.

Property addresses are typically allocated when new lots are created following the subdivision process (on request from Landgate). The City will allocate property addresses in accordance with the Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia, and AS4819 which specifies requirements for assigning addresses that can be readily identified and located.

In some instances, the existing property addresses within a street may result in circumstances where allocation of a new property address in accordance with AS4819 is not possible. To minimise disturbance to existing residents, the City will allocate the most suitable address available, however occasionally a review and reallocation of existing addresses is required in order to ensure a logical street progression is maintained.


Request to change an existing property address

Landowners may request a change of property address from the City when an existing address is not considered appropriate or is resulting in difficulties identifying the location of the property.

The City will generally only support a change of property address when the proposed new address is in accordance with AS4819, and will not support any requests on the grounds of personal preference, lucky or unlucky numbers, feng shui, religious reasons or the like.

All requests to change a property address should be made in writing, outlining the reason for the request, and emailed to


Display of property address and letterbox requirements

All properties must clearly display their correct address in a location visible from the street. This is to ensure properties can be easily identified and assist emergency service and utility providers.

Letterboxes must be located on or near the lot boundary by the street associated with the property address, preferably close to the primary pedestrian entry point. If a letterbox is located within 1.5 metres of where a vehicle access point meets the street, its maximum height can be no greater than 0.75 metres.

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