Schools Programs

Engaging sustainability education sessions are available for students of all ages. Programs complement national and state syllabuses and incorporate information about the City's bin and waste processing systems. Programs encourage students to reduce their waste by learning easy and effective ways to care for our environment.


  • Early Childhood Programs 

 Garden Critters Program & Incursions


  • Primary School Programs

Organics Matter: School Composting Program 


  • School Recycling Education Program

As part of the School Recycling Education Program, the City of Bayswater can provide waste collection services free of charge. The School Recycling Education Program is designed to promote the correct methodology of waste disposal and the importance of 'reduce, reuse, recycle and recover', as well as an education program for students and school staff. 

If you are a principal or keen school staff member and would like to see if your school is eligible for this program, please complete the relevant form below. For other enquires, please contact the City's Waste Management team on 9272 0964.

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools


  • Clean Schools Program

The Clean Schools Program is coordinated by Keep Australia Beautiful WA. It aims to change the littering behaviour of students through a whole school approach to litter prevention, supported by a range of resources.

To find out more about this program, please contact Keep Australia Beautiful WA, or see how the City's Waste Management team can support you by calling 9272 0964.

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