Bulk bin and tip passes

The City of Bayswater does not hold annual verge collections but provides the following services for households paying for a Domestic Rubbish Service:

  • General waste (blue
  • Green waste (green) bulk bins
  • Mattress and whitegoods collections 
  • Tip passes (in lieu of bulk bins)

Households are entitled to any combination of three (3) bulk bins or tip passes AND two (2) mattress or whitegoods collections per waste year (excluding commercial and industrial premises).

Requesting a bulk bin 

To order a bulk bin or green waste bulk bin, please call Cleanaway on (08) 9449 3338 or the City on (08) 9272 0605 OR complete the online request form at the link below. If you experience issues with the online form, please call us.

Request a bulk bin

Any bulk bin cancellations made within 48 hours of the delivery date will be counted against the allocation for the waste year (April 1 - March 31).

Available bulk bins

General Waste Bulk Bin (blue)Green Waste Bulk Bin (green)

Week day bulk bin

  • Delivered on Monday or Tuesday
  • Remains on your verge for three (3) nights
  • Collected on Thursday or Friday

All green waste bins

  • Delivered on Wednesday
  • Remains on your property for seven (7) days
  • Collected on the following Wednesday

Weekend bulk bin

  • Delivered on Thursday or Friday
  • Remains on your verge over the weekend
  • Collected on the following Monday or Tuesday

*Approximate delivery times will depend on seasonal demand – we recommend booking in advance if you require a specific delivery date. Booking online will allow you to select an available date.

Please note that not all residential properties are eligible to book bulk bins. This may be due to limited or unsuitable verge space, the location being unsafe for Cleanaway to deliver a bulk bin, or pre-existing arrangements with owners or managing agents. Please call the City’s waste management team on (08) 9272 0605 if you would like to discuss your options.

Mattress and whitegoods collection

The City offers a whitegoods and mattress collection service to residents. It is essential resident’s book online or call to arrange a collection date before placing goods on the verge.

Once collected, whitegoods and mattresses are taken to an approved material recovery facility, where items are processed and the components are recycled.

Each household is entitled to two collections per financial year (July 1 – June 30).

Request a mattress and whitegoods collection

Tip Passes

If you are unable to book a bulk bin, have items not accepted in bulk bins or would prefer to transport your bulky waste yourself, you can elect to get tip passes instead, or a combination of bulk bins and tip passes.

Tip passes can be collected from the City of Bayswater Civic Centre or a City library, upon presentation of current identification document indicating you reside at or own the property you are collecting the tip passes for (e.g. Driver's Licence, rates notice, Pension Card, utility bill, etc.). If you are unable to collect a tip pass yourself, you can nominate a person to collect on your behalf. Please find the authorisation form and supporting information in the Related Documents below.

Tip passes are for use at the Baywaste Transfer Station, located at 271 Collier Road, Bayswater (Corner of Tonkin Highway). Find contact details, opening hours and further information on your tip pass or click here. Please note, the Baywaste Transfer Station will close at 2pm on Friday 1 December, instead of 4pm. 

Tip passes allow up to 300kg of household bulk waste or green waste. They do not cover the disposal of building materials, therefore vehicles containing building rubbish will be placed on a weighbridge and charged a fee.

Tip passes can be used to dispose of mattresses and/or bed bases, however the following limits apply:

  • One (1) tip pass can be used for up to two (2) mattresses, or
  • One (1) mattress and (1) bed base, or
  • Two (2) bed bases.

*If you have a mixed load e.g. general waste or green waste in a car/trailer, as well as a mattress, the tip pass will cover the general or green waste (up to 300kg) and the mattress will be charged separately at $30.25.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can and can’t go in a blue bulk bin?


  • Bulk household items
  • Dismantled furniture
  • Junk (too large for red-top bin)
  • Scrap metal
  • Timber (treated pine and other)
  • Toys (damaged)


  • Asbestos
  • Building materials (i.e. bricks, soil, sand, rubble or concrete)
  • Glass (TVs, mirrors, glass-top tables, frames)
  • Green waste (i.e., branches, leaves or grass clippings)
  • Hazardous materials (i.e. liquids, oils, batteries or car parts)
  • Lawn (unless all soil and sand has been removed)
  • Mattresses - book a separate collection here.
  • Paint
  • Tyres and car parts
  • White goods - book a separate collection here.
What can and can’t go in a green bulk bin?


  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Branches (up to 1.5m long and 15cm wide)


  • Household items (i.e. furniture, mattresses or white goods)
  • Sand or lawn sods
  • Treated timber or sleepers
  • Plastic or recyclables
  • Building material or asbestos
  • Liquids
  • Pet waste
What happens if the bin is overloaded or unaccepted items are put in the bulk bin?

Please do not overload the bins, as they will not be serviced. The contents of the bin must be level with the top of the bin and not extend over the top or sides. If the bulk bin is unable to be removed due to being overloaded, Cleanaway will leave a notice in the letter box instructing the resident to unload the contents and contact them when this has been done so they can remove the bulk bin.

If unaccepted items are placed in a bulk bin, you will be required to remove the items. Cleanaway will be unable to service the bin until these items are removed.

What size and type of bulk bins are available?

The City of Bayswater only supplies three cubic metre (3m3) bulk bins with fixed sides. This is consistent for green and blue bulk bins. No bulk bins with drop down doors are available through the City’s bulk waste services.

Where will Cleanaway place the bulk bin?

Cleanaway is contracted to place the bulk bin on the verge of your property. If the verge is too small to place the bin and it needs to be placed elsewhere, you will need to complete a disclaimer form which absolves Cleanaway of liability for damage to private footpaths, driveways or access ways. Services cannot be provided without this written disclaimer form signed.

Please call Cleanaway on (08) 9449 3338 to receive this form.

Can I have a bulk bin delivered if I have a paved verge or want it delivered on my driveway?

Yes, but you will be required to complete a disclaimer form which absolves Cleanaway of liability for damage to the paved area, private footpaths, driveways or access ways. Services cannot be provided without this written disclaimer.

Please call Cleanaway on (08) 9449 3338 to receive this form for delivery on your driveway.

Can I have a bulk bin delivered if I have imitation lawn as a verge treatment?

Cleanaway will not place a bulk bin on a verge that has imitation/fake lawn, under any circumstances. If the bin needs to be placed on your driveway, you will need to complete a disclaimer form which absolves Cleanaway of liability for damage to the driveway, private footpaths, or access ways during delivery and collection. Services cannot be provided without this written disclaimer. 

Please call Cleanaway on (08) 9449 3338 to receive this form for delivery on your driveway.

What are the waiting times for bulk bins? And how will I know when the bin will be delivered?

Bulk bins can be ordered on demand, subject to demand. By booking online, you can choose your delivery date (from the available dates) and receive an order number. By calling Cleanaway, you will be given a delivery date and the order number for your reference when you book.

Can I cancel my bulk bin once booked?

Yes, however bulk bins must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the delivery date of the bin. Cancellations can only be made by calling (08) 9272 0605. After the 48 hour window has passed, cancellations will count towards the properties allocation for the current waste year. No exceptions can be made.

A bulk bin has been delivered to my property, but it is full of someone else’s rubbish.

For logistical reasons, some bulk bins may contain rubbish when delivered to your property. The rubbish will be emptied the same day.

Can I nominate someone else to collect my tip passes for me?

Tip passes can be collected by a nominated person on your behalf, upon providing a letter of authorisation requesting the City of Bayswater to issue the tip passes for your property to the nominated person. Please follow the instructions outlined in this form. 

The letter must include the following information:

  • Owner or resident’s name.
  • Property address the tip passes are to be issued for.
  • Number of tip passes to be issued.
  • Name of nominated person collecting the tip passes.
  • A copy of identification document indicating you either own or reside at the property you are requesting the tip passes for (e.g. Driver's Licence, rates notice, Pension Card, utility bill, etc.).

Please also note that the person collecting the tip passes must verify their identity at collection (e.g. by showing Driver’s Licence or Pension Card).

Further information

See the Waste and Recycling Guide or call us on 9272 0605 during office hours.

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