Interim Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development - City of Bayswater

On 26 April 2022 Council endorsed an Interim Economic Development Strategy that will see a renewed focus on the attraction of new development and the continued support for local businesses.

The Strategy builds on the City’s business attraction and retention program that was developed in response to COVID-19.

The initial focus of the strategy is on the Morley Activity Centre with the City keen to stimulate major development and attract key investment in the area.

The implementation of the Interim Economic Strategy includes the employment of a dedicated economic development specialist for a period of 12 months along with a range of practical initiatives. A comprehensive economic development strategy for the next 5 to ten years will also be prepared.

The Interim Economic Development Strategy sets out a number of key objectives including attracting investment in the City, encouraging land owners to develop or divest their properties, enticing businesses to relocate to the City, and encouraging people to live, work and consume locally.

The City is keen to activate major strategic plans in partnership with key stakeholders such as the Morley Activity Centre Structure Plan 2018.

The strategy contains practical actions to help achieve its objectives.

The strategy is timely as the City is ideally positioned to take advantage of the major investment by the State Government in road and rail projects.

The City is keen to encourage investment that will make Bayswater a more vibrant and liveable place to live, work and visit.

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