Library Services

There's more to libraries, with computers, free wifi, printing and photocopying available as well as our Homebound and Books on Wheels services. We also have a Seed Library at Bayswater Library.  

Computer and internet access

All of our libraries have computers available for use, or you can bring your own computer and connect to the internet for free if your computer has internet access capabilities. You can also use computers for scanning at each library.

How much does it cost?

  • Free for City of Bayswater library members
  • $3.00 per hour for non-members.

To connect to the wifi network in any of our libraries you will need to accept the terms and conditions when you log in.

Printing and photocopying

Photocopying and printing charges 

  • 20c per side black and white
  • $1 per side colour

Printing options

You can print at any of the libraries from our computers, or by using MobilePrint. See below for instructions, or for assistance please ask one of our friendly staff members

Important note: Documents will remain available for printing for 24 hours once submitted to MobilePrint.

Print by emailing your document 

  1. Send your document to the appropriate email address, as listed below.
  2. Visit your chosen library to pay for, and print your document. 

Bayswater Library

Black and white single
Black and white double
Colour single
Colour double

Maylands Library

Black and white single
Black and white double
Colour single
Colour double

Morley Library

Black and white single
Black and white double
Colour single
Colour double

Print by uploading your document online

Click below for instructions at your local library.

Print at Bayswater Library

Print at Maylands Library

Print at Morley Library

Home delivery - Homebound and Books on Wheels services

If you live within the City of Bayswater and are unable to visit the library due to age or physical disability, library service volunteers may be able to deliver items to your door.

Contact Maylands Library on 9208 2450 for further details.

If you live in residential care or retirement facility within the City, library materials can be pre-selected and delivered to you.

Contact Bayswater Public Library on 9272 0951 for more information.

Seed Library

A Seed Library has sprouted at Bayswater Library. The Seed Library offers a collection of free seeds available to library members to plant and grow at home. Borrowers are encouraged to harvest seeds from their own gardens to donate back to the collection. The seeds collected will be vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and natives. The varieties of seeds available will change throughout the year. 

Help grow our Seed Library

Help us grow our seed collection by harvesting and donating seeds from your own garden.

Donations of unused commercial seeds are also welcomed. You can donate seeds in any container as long as it is clean and dry. To donate, collect a donation bag from any City of Bayswater Library and fill out a Seed Dollection form with as much detail as possible.

Seed Saving Tips

•    Do not save seeds from plants that are hybrids (look for F1 on the seed packet/plant label).  
•    If you grow more than one variety of the same type of plant, use methods to prevent cross-pollination. 
•    Save seeds from your healthiest and strongest plants. This allows for natural selection to ensure your seeds produce healthy crops. 
•    Grow extra plants for seed saving purposes – many plants will produce viable seeds after the crop is past its picking date e.g. lettuce. 
•    Ensure your seeds are completely dry before storing/donating them.
•    The best plants for beginners to start saving seeds from are: Basil, Beans, Broad Beans, Capsicum, Coriander, Garlic Chives, Lettuce, 
Marigold, Nasturtium, Okra, Pea, Sage, Snake Bean, Tomato


Seed Saving for Beginners (Sourced from the Permaculture Sydney West website).

Seed Saving in WA (Compiled by Terra Perma Design for the Permaculture West Seed Project).

Newcastle Seed Library have created four videos to help you build your seed saving skills. We thank Newcastle Libraries for allowing us to share their resources on our webpage. 


The City of Bayswater Libraries are partnering with Sustainable Bayswater to help deliver the Seed Library. We invite other community groups who are interested in assisting with this project to contact us to register their interest. To register your interest contact us at

City services available at the Libraries

The City's three Libraries provide access to a range of City services.

Provide proof of your residential address to collect:

  • Tip passes
  • FOGO liners and caddies
  • Rat baits

You can also pay:

  • Rates
  • Animal registrations
  • Infringements

Library Services are able to accept card payments only for City services. Payments cannot be made within one hour of closing time.

Library of Things – Morley Library

The City of Bayswater Library Service has introduced the Library of Things, a treasure trove of items you can borrow for your upcoming soirée or event.
Generously provided by the Morley and Noranda Buy Nothing Groups, this collection contains items perfect for enhancing your gathering. These include:

  • Tiered cake stands
  • Glasses
  • Popcorn maker
  • Drink dispensers
  • Chocolate fountain

Items in the collection are available to library members to be borrowed for a 3 week period. They must be collected and returned to the Morley Library.
For more information browse our catalogue or contact the Morley Library on 9272 0980.

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