Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan

The Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan (BTCSP) covers an approximate area 400 metres from Bayswater Train Station.  It aims to help develop and grow the Bayswater Town Centre into a vibrant higher density, mixed use town centre surrounding the station.

Precincts and Zoning

The BTCSP divides the centre into 'Core' and 'Frame' precincts.

The Core precinct encourages larger buildings, higher densities and a mix of commercial and residential uses closer to the station.

The Frame precinct encourages medium density residential development further out from the station.


The BTCSP was approval by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) on 7 January 2021. 




The BTCSP will be implemented by the State Government agency - Development WA.  For more information about Development WA or to contact them, please visit: 

Further information and Contact

Should you wish to speak with someone about the BTCSP, please contact Strategic Planning by Phone (08) 9272 0649 or via email at

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