Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan

The Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan (BTCSP) has been developed by the City to guide future growth and activity within the town centre. 

The BTCSP covers the area within a 400 metre radius of the Bayswater train station, and its aims is to help grow the Bayswater Town Centre into a higher density, mixed use town centre surrounding the Bayswater Train Station

Key objectives of the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan

The structure plan is presented in four main themes:

  • Land use and activity - to facilitate higher density mixed use surrounding the train station and encourage the creation of a neighborhood-scale local business centre 
  • Movement and connectivity - to provide good connections for pedstrians, cyclists and cars through and around the town centre 
  • Built form and character - to encourage built form that presents quality design and incorporates, celebrates and responds sensitively to the exiting heritage fabric and character in the town
  • Open space and public r› ealm - to create a safe, welcoming and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.


The town centre has been divided into two precincts - the 'Core' and the 'Frame'. 

The Core runs along King William Street and Beechboro Road, close to the train station.  Commercial, retail and residential uses are encouraged in the Core.  The Core also has the highest proposed residential densities and building heights. 

The Frame includes the rest of the town centre.  It is primarily focused on residential uses.  Some commercial and retail uses are permitted where they don’t impact the residential amenity

Residential Zoning

The BTCSP proposes changes to the residential densities within the town centre.  The proposed zonings encourage higher densities in the town centre.  This map shows the proposed zonings.

Consultation process

The BTCSP has been developed in consultation with the local community.  In October and November 2016, the City held a series of  workshops to find out what kind of development the community wanted to see in the town center. 

Information on the consultation process and outcomes can be found on the City's engagement website - Engage Bayswater.


The draft BTCSP was considered by Council in May 2018, where it was supported with modifications.  The structure plan documents are now with the Western Australian Planning Commission for final approval. 



Further information and contact

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