Request a Free Street Tree

Now’s the time to select your free street tree and help create a greener Bayswater. 

We’ll work with you to select the ideal tree for your verge, based on available space, from a curated list of species that will not only complement your existing streetscape but encourage biodiversity and thrive in your neighbourhood. If you do have trees on your verge, City staff are happy to inspect and see if it is appropriate to plant additional trees.

The City will plant the tree and look after all maintenance requirements for its lifetime - all we ask is you give it a bit of water to help it through the summer months in its first couple of years.

Request a free street tree in the winter 2025 planting season by:

  •  submitting the online form below or
  • completing a paper-based form at the bottom of this page and emailing it to

For any enquiries, phone the City on 9272 0622.

Request a street tree

Street Tree Planting Street Tree Planting

Why get a street tree?

  • Creates welcoming, shaded neighbourhoods
  • Provides food and habitat for wildlife
  • Cleans our air and absorbs pollutants
  • Reduces heat, glare and flooding
  • Improves mental health and wellbeing
  • Beautifies our streets

If you would prefer not to receive a free street tree on your verge, please fill out the relevant form.

Tree species selection

We aim to plant the same tree species along a street to create aesthetically pleasing avenues of trees. The City only uses particular trees beneath powerlines to ensure they don't grow too tall and interfere with the lines.

If there is a tree you would like from our list of approved street trees, we are happy to consider this and talk to you about your selection.

Placement of trees on your verge

Due to the presence of underground services, all trees planted on verges need to be planted 2.7 metres from your boundary line towards the road. When trees are located on the front verge, they will be positioned between the driveway and side boundary at equal distance.

When trees are to be planted on a side verge, they will be spaced evenly in the available space.

Consideration will be given to various pieces of infrastructure on the verge to ensure adequate space is maintained, such as reticulation, power poles, manhole covers and hydrants.

To request your free street tree, complete the form and send it back to

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