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City of Bayswater - Strategic Importance

The City of Bayswater is located just six kilometres north-east of Perth’s central business district and two kilometres west of Perth Airport.  As a result, the City is well-connected to Western Australia’s major air, road and rail transport systems. 

The City has a strong and diverse local economy with major industry sectors contributing to output and employment in the City, including manufacturing, construction, retail, trade, health care and social assistance.  The City offers various tourism opportunities and destinations including its beautiful Swan River foreshore areas, vibrant town centres, the abundance of environmental areas, its booming arts scene, and unique heritage places and trails. The City also hosts many events including major festivals. 

With a population of almost 70,000 people, the City of Bayswater includes the suburbs of Bayswater, Maylands, Bedford, Embleton, Morley, Noranda, and parts of Mount Lawley and Dianella.

More information on employment by industry, location, economic trends relevant to Bayswater and demographic information can be found by clicking on the Economy Profile and Community Profile links located at the bottom of the page.

                                                                   Morley Strategic Metropolitan Centre Map

Investing in the City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater activity centre network contains Morley City Centre - a Strategic Metropolitan Centre, as well as a number of other important district and local centres including Bayswater, Maylands and Noranda.  

The centre network is closely linked by multiple transport routes and links to several major activity centres, including East Perth, Northbridge and Perth, Midland and Perth Airport.  These links are critical to the overall contribution to population growth, employment and self-sufficiency, as well as attracting quality investment and supporting business growth within the City. 

If you are thinking of investing in the City of Bayswater, our Place Management Team is available to provide direction and support. For more information contact the team on (08) 9272 0649.

Bayswater Town Centre

Bayswater Town Centre is located approximately eight kilometres from the Perth CBD, on Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent. The structure of the centre is similar to Maylands, with a main street extending south from the train station along King William Street, and various commercial premises within a 400 metre walkable catchment of the town centre.  A school and other community land uses are also located within the walkable area.  Its focus is primarily food and convenience retail, with some light industrial uses.

The City has prepared a Structure Plan for the Bayswater Town Centre to provide a framework for the development and revitalisation of the town centre into a mixed use centre that includes the Bayswater Train Station, its associated retail areas and residential frame. It is intended that appropriately located increased residential densities within the Town Centre will contribute to the walkable catchment of local shops and the train station, thereby reducing car reliance and enhancing the vitality of local businesses.

Further information on Bayswater Town Centre is available on the City's engagement page which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Maylands Town Centre

Maylands is located along the Midland-Perth railway line, less than five kilometres from the Perth CBD.  The centre has developed as a retail and entertainment-based main street, running south from Maylands train station to Guildford Road.  Other commercial and community uses are located around the main street. 

Maylands is currently functioning as a relatively mature district centre.  It has a reasonable level of diversity, covering retail, arts, dining, public administration, health care and education, in fitting with its role as a district centre.  With its proximity to the CBD and train access, Maylands has the potential to build on its current success to become a high amenity and activated inner urban centre with employment, entertainment, shopping and recreational opportunities along with everyday services.

For further information on Maylands is available on the Maylands Activity Centre page at the bottom of this page.

Morley Activity Centre

The Morley Activity Centre is located in the suburb of Morley, and approximately eight kilometres north of the Perth CBD.  The centre is well connected to the CBD by car and bus along Beaufort Street.  From elsewhere in the region, the centre is accessible via several major arterial roads including Morley Drive, Tonkin Highway and Guildford Road.  Perth Airport is located close by, giving access to the resource economy of the northwest and national and international business, and Ashfield Industrial Precinct is located two kilometres to the East.  

The development of the Morley Activity Centre is a priority for the City, as outlined in its strategic documents including the Strategic Community Plan, City’s Local Housing Strategy and the Morley Activity Centre Plan (MACP).  The Activity Centre Plan establishes a vision for Morley to become a vibrant place to visit, a dynamic marketplace to do business, and home to a diverse and connected community.  

If you are interested in find out more information on the Morley Activity Centre Structure Plan, Strategic Community Plan and Local Housing Strategy, please click on the links below.

Noranda Town Centre

Noranda District Centre is located on Benara Road in the north of the City of Bayswater.  The centre has a small shopping centre adjacent to a sporting complex.  The centre can be accessed by Transperth bus services.

Noranda is currently a retail-based centre, with the majority of activity located within Hawaiian's Noranda.  The addition of a medical centre, community centre and recreation centre will lift Noranda’s diversity levels and provide a set of amenities for the local population.

Tonkin Highway Industrial Estate

The estate is located on Railway Parade in Bayswater, just eight kilometres east of the Perth CBD and three kilometres from Perth Airport.

The estate is next to Tonkin Highway, and has connections to Roe Highway, Reid Highway, Great Eastern Highway and Leach Highway.  Train and bus access is 800 metres from the estate.

The estate will feature landscaped public open space and entry statements, on-street parking, substantial street trees and features, General Industrial zoning with lot sizes ranging from 1,200m2 to two hectares.

For more information on investing in the estate, please visit the website: Tonkin Industrial

Mount Lawley Local Centre

Mount Lawley is located three kilometres from the Perth CBD on Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent.  Unlike other commercial centres, it is immediately surrounded by residential development of varying density.  Mount Lawley contains several large employment uses such as Mercy Hospital and associated allied health on Thirlmere Road.  The centre’s proximity to Beaufort Street retail and entertainment activity indicates the potential for development that focuses on increasing residential density within the centre.

Further Information and Contact

The City of Bayswater is experiencing significant growth in residential and commercial development due to our location being a place of choice for new residents and businesses.  

If you are thinking of investing in the City of Bayswater, our Place Management Team is available to provide direction and support.  For more information, contact the team on (08) 9272 0649 or email the team at

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