What goes in each bin?

This page provides information on what can be placed in your three kerbside bins, and lists some items that shouldn't go in any of the kerbside bins. Scroll down to see the lists of items.  

Our three-bin system includes the following kerbside bins (wheelie bins):

  • Lime-green lid kerbside bin for Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) - 240 litres capacity collected weekly
  • Yellow lid bin for co-mingled recyclables (yellow top) – 240 litres capacity collected fortnightly
  • Red lid bin for general waste  – 240 litres capacity collected fortnightly.

Some residents living in a multi-unit development such as a townhouse, apartment or unit have a shared bulk bin collection instead of kerbside bins. If this is your situation, the information below on what goes in the yellow lid recycling bin and red lid general waste bin is relevant to you.

Items you can place in your three kerbside bins (wheelie bins)

FOGO bin

Your lime-green lid FOGO bin is for food organics, garden organics and other compostable items.
If it didn’t live or grow, it's not FOGO.

Tick Use only caddy liners that are certified compostable under Australian standards.
Look for this symbol: 

Certified compostable logo

Place these items in your lime-green lid FOGO bin: 

All food organics including:

Tick Vegetable and fruit scraps
Tick Meat and bones
Tick Seafood
Tick Eggshells
Tick Teabags and coffee grinds
Tick Dairy products
Tick Take away food (no containers).

Garden organics:

Tick Grass clippings
Tick Prunings, cuttings, trimmings
Tick Twigs and sticks
Tick Palm fronds
Tick Weeds.

Other compostable items, including:

Tick Animal droppings
Tick Kitty litter
Tick Hair
Tick Paper products with food oil on them (e.g. pizza boxes)
Tick Tissues, paper towel and shredded paper. 

FOGO bin

Your lime-green lid FOGO bin is for food organics, garden organics and other compostable items.
If it didn’t live or grow, it's not FOGO.

Do not place these items in your FOGO bin:

 No products you currently put in your yellow lid recycling bin 
 No plastic bags (bread bags, shopping bags or garbage bags)
 No plastic packaging (bubble wrap)
 No nappies (including both disposable and cloth nappies)
 No personal hygiene products
 No treated and painted timber
 No building products
 No metals
 No glass
 No plastic plant pots, garden hoses, seedling trays or garden tools - the only 'garden products' that can go in are things grown in the garden (green waste/garden organics)
 No textiles (e.g. old clothing or cloth nappies).

Recycling bin

Please empty and rinse recyclables before placing them in your recycling bin. Remove lids from bottles and containers and place them in your general waste bin. Items should always be loose - please do not put plastic bags in your recycling bin.

Place these items in your yellow lid recycling bin:

Tick Glass bottles and jars - rinsed and lids removed
Tick Paper - not shredded (including newspaper and magazines)
Tick Cardboard - flattened
Tick Plastic bottles and containers - clean, empty and no lids
Tick Steel and aluminium cans - clean and empty.

Recycling bin

Do not place these items in your yellow lid recycling bin:

 No aerosol cans or gas bottles
 No batteries or electronic items
 No clothes or textiles
 No materials in plastic bags
 No nappies, hygiene or sanitary products
 No soft plastics (e.g. plastic bags and wrappers)
 No ropes, cables or hose
 No UHT cartons (e.g. long-life milk, soy milk).

General waste bin

Place these items in your red lid general waste bin:

Tick General rubbish items
Tick Hygiene products
Tick Nappies
Tick Polystyrene and soft plastic
Tick Coffee pods
Tick Disposable coffee cups
Tick UHT cartons with silver linings (e.g. long-life milk)
Tick Clothing and textiles.

Some of the items listed above can be recycled, but not through your kerbside recycling bin. Here's where you can take them:

  • Plastic bags can be taken to major supermarkets for recycling – look for the REDcycle collection bin at the front of the store. To find your closest REDcycle collection point visit 
  • Clothing can be donated to charity shops, if it is in good condition (e.g. if it is good enough that you would give it to a friend). Visit to find a charity drop-off point near you.
  • Some brands of coffee pods/capsules can be recycled, by dropping them off at a collection point or posting them. Find Nespresso coffee capsule recycling options Several brands of coffee pods/capsules offer collection programs through TerraCycle.
  • Visit the Recycle Right A-Z website for a full list of household items and where you can take them for recycling.
General waste bin

Do not place these items in your red lid general waste bin:

 No food organics or garden organics
 No clean recyclables
 No hazardous waste including aerosols, light globes, chemicals or batteries
 No hot ashes or liquids
 No sand or soil
 No building products (bricks, tiles etc.).

Items That Are Not Acceptable in Any of Your Kerbside Bins

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can contain chemicals or substances harmful to people and the environment. These items cannot be placed in any of your kerbside bins and must instead be taken to an appropriate disposal facility.

Examples include:

Visit our Household Hazardous Waste page to find out more about which materials are considered to be HHW and where they can be taken for safe disposal. 

Batteries and light globes

Household batteries and fluorescent light globes contain non-renewable and potentially harmful materials and are not safe to place in your kerbside rubbish bins. However, there are a number of recycling stations available within City of Bayswater - find out where you can recycle batteries and globes

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

E-waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices. This includes items such as  computers and tablets, computer accessories (e.g. cables, keyboards, mice, hard drives and webcams), printers, fax machines, scanners and multifunctional devices, and televisions. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. They should not be placed in your kerbside rubbish bins. Find out where you can drop off your e-waste for recycling.

Bulk Bins

The City of Bayswater does not hold annual verge collections but instead provides:

  • General waste (blue) and
  • Green waste (green) bulk bins.

Find out how to request a bulk bin collection, and what can be put inside it.

More Information

For more information on how and where to dispose of waste that doesn't go in your kerbside bins, visit

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