Sports Ground Hire

The City's sporting reserves are available for use by local clubs based on a seasonal allocation process. In order to give all park users the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and keep the grounds healthy, strict and limited licences apply. During allocated times, all other park users should keep off the ground while being used by clubs for training and matches.

If you are a new club to Bayswater looking for a ground allocation, it is recommended you contact our Bookings Officer on 9272 0992 prior to placing an application to discuss ground suitability and availability.  

Some parks and reserves are suitable for personal trainers to use.  Please see below for further information.

Make a booking

    Apply for a seasonal allocation

    To apply for a new seasonal allocation you will need to contact the Bookings Officer. If you have a regular seasonal booking, the Bookings Officer will email your club contact person prior to commencement of each season.

    School bookings

    Primary or secondary schools and school sports associations may apply to hire a reserve for sports fixtures or training. Please complete the form below.

    Reserve or Parkland Booking Application Form

    Ground availability

    There may be some occasions when sporting grounds are unavailable to schools. However, schools will be notified should any grounds be unavailable for a period of time and alternative grounds will be sourced where possible, however access to another ground cannot be guaranteed.

    Time availability

    Ground hire is subject to availability of facilities and only available to schools between the hours of 8.30am – 3.30pm.

    Conditions of ground use

    • Schools must ensure the park and surrounds are left in a clean and tidy state and that any excess rubbish is binned or removed. Failure to do so may result in cleaning costs being charged to the school.
    • Star-pickets, pegs and stakes must not be inserted into the ground without gaining approval from the City (due to risk of damage to reticulation infrastructure). Shade structures must be sandbagged or water-ballasted into place.
    • Casual and school user groups are not permitted use of pavilions.
    Pre-season training bookings

    To hire a reserve for pre-season training or scratch matches, please contact our Recreation Bookings Officer on 08 9208 2400 or by email at to check the availability of the desired ground.

    If your ground is available, complete the below form.

    Casual Hire Application Form

    We will then issue a rental contract/tax invoice to confirm your booking. 

    *Please note, we cannot guarantee reserves for pre-season matches.

    Finals bookings

    The casual booking process allows groups and clubs to use grounds on a casual basis without entering into a long-term arrangement, subject to availability and existing current club bookings.

    To hire a sports ground for finals please complete the below application and return to along with a copy of the league or associations public liability insurance for approval.

    Ground Application Form

    All finals venues are required to be nominated at least three weeks prior to the finals, and applied for and approved prior to the event date.

    Personal Trainers

    Personal trainers can apply for a permit to conduct outdoor sessions in parks and / or reserves, subject to certain conditions.

    Permit and fees

    • 12 months, multiple parks / reserves - $1,100
    • 6 months, multiple parks / reserves - $600
    • Casual session rate (up to 3 hours) - $24.
    • Key bond (if required) - $200.  Refunded at conclusion of the permit.

    Suitable locations

    Please click below for a list of suitable parks and reserves.  Please check if the park or reserve you wish to book is on this list prior to submitting a booking form.  Parks and reserves outside of this list may considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please note that parks and reserves are subject to maintenance and closure periods.

    List of suitable locations

    General conditions

    • All activities are to comply with the assigned levels of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 at all times
    • If personal trainers wish to use a sporting reserve, session times will only be granted outside of organised sporting use or in a location away from the active playing area
    • if you wish to amend your permit you must inform us in writing.

    Please complete the booking form and forward to a minimum of 14 days prior to the start of your sessions.

    Personal trainer booking form

    Frequently asked questions

    When do seasonal allocations run?

    The summer season runs from 1 October to 31 March and winter season runs from 1 April to 30 September. * Dates subject to change due to essential ground maintenance closures*

    Which reserves can I hire?

    For a full list of our reserves and other spaces available for hire, click below.

    Spaces for hire

    How do I minimise turf damage during training?
    • Wear non-studded runners for training sessions when practical and surface conditions permit
    • Training should not be conducted in high wear areas such as the goal square, centre wickets/squares or in front of change room entrances
    • Training zones should be rotated to avoid concentrated use of single areas of a ground
    • Pre-season practice matches are prohibited without the prior written approval of the City of Bayswater
    • The City may close a ground at any time in order to protect the safety of players and club volunteers, where a ground is assessed and considered unsafe for play or under stress
    • Place training equipment in different locations at the start of each training session, this will encourage players to gather in different areas
    • training activities should be conducted off playing grounds whenever possible (for example: warm ups, running drills etc.)
    • use portable goalposts during training sessions to protect goal squares
    • seek alternative training venues when grounds are wet or waterlogged.
    How do I request a key?
    • Sets of keys will be issued before the hire period and have a $200 key bond per set of keys issued. Keys will enable access to the change rooms, toilet facilities and floodlights.
    • Keys are to be returned by hirers, including seasonal hirers, within one week of the end of the period of hire. The key bond will be refunded once the key(s) have been returned to the Bookings Team.
    • A standard issue is three sets of keys per club ($200 bond). If clubs require additional keys, more can be made for a non-refundable cost to the club of $35 per key. A request must be made in writing to the Recreation Booking Officer, please note that no unauthorised copies of the keys are to be made.
    • Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the bookings team by the responsible club immediately. The City will replace all locks in the event of keys being lost or stolen and the cost of replacing the locks will be charged to the club.
    • Keys must not be loaned to any other group, person, school or organisation without the City's written consent.
    • It is a requirement of your seasonal occupancy agreement to provide the details of key holders to us. Failing to provide these details may jeopardise future facility allocations. Clubs must ensure they submit the details of key holders to the bookings team.
    How do I submit a maintenance request?

    Sports grounds and reserves

    It is important that any damage to grounds is immediately reported to the City on 9272 0622 during business hours, or Rangers and Security on 1300 360 333 outside of business hours.

    Please note that the demand for maintenance has risen dramatically due to the drought and water restrictions. We will prioritise all requests with the aim of keeping all grounds open for play. However, there may be some occasions when sporting grounds are unable to be accessed during the year. Clubs, schools and associations will be notified should any ground be unusable for a period of time.

    Lodging a sports ground maintenance request

    If you wish to place a maintenance request for a City of Bayswater reserve, please email us at

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