'Get To Know FOGO' Library Pop Ups

Ask your waste, recycling and FOGO questions, plus play our fun and educational Waste Sorting game!

Morley Library - Tuesday 4th July 2023, 10am-11am

Bayswater Library - Monday 10th July 2023, 10am-11am

Maylands Library - Thursday 13th July 2023, 10am-11am

Registrations not required, just show up and have some FOGO fun with us.

Home Composting

Would you like to reduce the waste your household sends to landfill and create quality compost for your garden?

City of Bayswater residents can attend a free home composting workshop to learn about three methods to manage food waste at home: composting, worm farming and bokashi.

At the end of the workshop, you can take home your choice of a free compost bin, worm farm (with worms) or bokashi bin.

To help us better understand how local families reduce their kitchen waste through composting, we will ask you to track the amount of food waste your household diverts from landfill for eight weeks following the workshop, and participate in two short online surveys. This will help us find out how much waste is diverted from landfill and assist us to improve the program. 

This program is delivered in collaboration with Bayswater’s Enviro House, who present the workshop and provide follow-up support for using your composting system.

The workshop covers:

  • Converting kitchen scraps and garden clippings into compost
  • How to set up and maintain a worm farm
  • What to feed your worms
  • How to set up and maintain a bokashi bin


To support the successful Home Composting Program, the City is presenting a series of gardening workshops to help people who are making their own compost at home learn how to use it in their gardens.

The workshops are presented by Enviro House and Waste is My Resource.

Scheduled workshops

Details of upcoming workshops will be listed below.

For more information and to book your spot, contact the City's Environmental Health Services on 9272 0648.

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