Litter and Illegal Dumping of Waste

Rangers aim to keep the City clean and tidy and will issue fines for breaches of the Litter Act. 

The City does not offer a verge collection, but we do provide skip bins or tip passes for residents to use.

Residents can help keep the City be litter free by:

  • Using correct refuse bins
  • Not using public bins to dispose of domestic or commercial rubbish
  • Not littering in parks or bushland
  • Returning shopping trolleys and not leaving them in streets or parks
  • Not allowing building site rubbish to adversely affect the neighbourhood.

Reporting litter or illegal dumping

If you notice rubbish that has been illegally dumped within the City, please contact Rangers and Security by:

Litter can also be reported to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council website

If you would like to order a skip bin or need more information, please visit our Bulk Bins Requests and Tip Passes page

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