Swimming Pools and Spas

What is a swimming pool or spa?

A swimming pool or spa is defined as any structure containing water to a depth greater than 300mm and is used for swimming, wading or the like.

When is a Building Permit required for a swimming pool or spa?

A Building Permit is required for a swimming pool or spa where they are capable of holding water greater than 300mm in depth.

Swimming pool isolation barriers

A barrier to restrict access by young children is required for all pools or spas which contain more than 300mm of water in depth. 

When is a Building Permit required for a swimming pool isolation barrier?

A Building Permit is always required for the installation of a swimming pool isolation barrier.

Dividing fences forming part of a swimming pool isolation barrier

The most common areas of non-compliance in isolation barriers installed after May 2016, are the dividing fence being lower than 1.8m from the ground level of the pool or spa area, and the dividing fence failing to provide a non-climbable area of a 900mm arc when measured from the top of the fence on the pool side (i.e. in a 3pm to 6pm arc on a clock face).  This will result in the isolation barrier being given a non-compliance certificate.

Swimming pool isolation barrier inspections

The City has a duty to inspect all isolation barriers at least once every 4 years.  The City's Swimming Pool Compliance Officer will contact the owner or occupier of the property to arrange a suitable time to inspect the isolation barrier.

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