Owner Builders



  • Owner Builder registration is required when a person wants to carry out building works on their own property where the cost of works is greater than $20,000 and they do not want to engage a registered builder. 

    Please note that a Building Permit is needed prior to starting building works. An Owner Builder approval does not count as Building Approval.

  • Associated building works such as patios, carports, retaining walls, timber decking, swimming pools, free standing walls and the like are exempt from Owner Builder registration or the engagement of a registered builder.  

    For further information on Owner Builder exemptions, please refer to  the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011.

  • To become an Owner Builder, you must apply to the Building Commission.  A copy of the Owner Builder Approval must be submitted with a Building Permit application.

  • As an Owner Builder, Home Indemnity Insurance is not required to be submitted with an application for a Building Permit.

    Owner Builders selling a home within seven years from the date of a Building Permit being issued are required to have in place a policy of Home Indemnity Insurance that covers any new owners for the remainder of the seven year period.

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