Grants, Sponsorship and Fundraising – Hints and Tips


Grants are funds given out by private, public and not-for-profit organisations for a range of purposes. To be considered for a grant, you will usually have to write an application about why you need the grant and what you will spend the money on. Each grant will have different set of criteria for who can apply, what types of projects will be funded and how the money can be spent. Applications will then be assessed against the criteria to determine successful applicants.

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Sponsorship is when cash is paid (or in-kind goods and services are provided) to an organisation in return for specific commercial benefits. Most sponsorship agreements offer cash, but some businesses prefer to offer an ‘in kind’ sponsorship. In exchange for supporting the organisation, project or event the company gains exposure and marketing opportunities.

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Fundraising events

There are a range of fundraising events which may be a lot of fun for your organisation while providing much-needed revenue. Consider a range of ideas such as quiz nights, car washes, raffles, movie nights and dog washes.


A crowdfunding campaign involves setting up a page on a dedicated crowdfunding website such as Pozible, Chuffed or Kickstarter.  It allows you to reach out to your members and the wider community and encourage them to get involved by donating to your cause.


It might be worth considering charging for membership to your organisation, if you do not already. Membership can be a steady and reliable source of income.

Sales and Auctions

Your members and supporters may like to take part in a car boot sale, an art auction or a second hand book sale. Most people have things lying around that they would like to get rid of, and profits from an activity like this can be put back into your organisation.


Philanthropy is a donation of money, resources or skills to help others and create positive outcomes.

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