Planter Box and Parklet Guidelines


Planter boxes and parklets can help beautify the City by creating a welcoming and colourful display

Learn how you can help transform the streetscape in your area.


Planter Boxes

The City has developed planter box guidelines to encourage businesses, landowners and residents to help "green" the City's town centres by creating planter box gardens.

The installation of planter boxes that follow these guidelines do not require approval from the City.

If you are keen to "Green", then please check out the guidelines below.




Parklet Guidelines

The City is encouraging businesses, landowners and residents to transform parking spaces into outdoor public spaces for everyone to enjoy.  These parklets are miniature parks and can include chairs, planter boxes, landscaping elements and bicycle racks.

Parklets are open to everyone in the community, so need to be designed in a way that makes them safe and accessible.  Guidelines have been created for this purpose.

If you wish to construct a parklet or install planter boxes, please contact the City's Place Management Team on 9272 0616 or 9270 4173 to discuss the suitability of the location and the design of the parklet.  Alternatively, you can send an email to:

For your information, the planter box and parklet guidelines are located in the links below.

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